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Always finish what you star…

Sydney Community College | on 17 October 2019

Blonde painter in her studio with her hands around her eyes

Unfinished projects. They have a beauty of their own – that half-woven basket with its neat rows giving way to unruly fibres yet to be twisted in… That story draft with its gaps to be filled and character arcs to be realised. The sketched portrait with just white space where the smile will be.

Regulars at our Silver Jewellery Studio – Anne, James and Margaret – each have a box of little works in progress. Each week they dip in and out, pick a project up, work it a bit before setting it aside again… it’s all part of a meandering learning curve that says “I’ll just put that away until I’ve got the skills to go the next step…”

If you are one of the many humans who start things easily but struggle with the follow through to completion, you may feel guilt or frustration at these objects of incomplete beauty. You may feel them mocking you each time you open the bottom drawer or clear out the cupboard.

But we say let’s forgive ourselves for starting things – and celebrate all those unfinished projects for the qualities they have and the lessons they teach.

Because life itself is a work in progress and lifelong learning is never complete.

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