Payment Plans

Payment plans available on some courses.

We know that finance is sometimes an issure when planning your future. At Sydney Community College we have two low cost options. They are:

Staged invoicing by request .

You may request staged invoicing for any class above $200 provided that an intitial payment of 33% is received. The College will then negotiate with you, terms to complete your commitment to the balance of your course fee. A set up fee of 2% of the course fee will be applied plus an administration fee of 1.5% of the balance will be applied to each subsequent invoice. To apply for this option, complete the application form at this link.

Managed payment plans through PaySmart.

PaySmart is an external company that provides an automated payment services. We provide this service on course fees above $599. A list of applicable courses and payment options is may be found here. Once your application has been completed, a College officer will contact you.

  • Note. PaySmart fees and charges apply.