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Access2Ed - Disability Supported Organic Gardening, Art and Relaxation

Organic Gardening, Art and Relaxation class for people with an intellectual/learning disability in Sydney. Join us in our on-site community garden and participate in a range of fun and collaborative projects to add to our outdoor garden/gallery space. Assist to maintain the garden and particpate in hands-on learning about organic gardening techniques. This term we will work with some guest tutors to create some group art works in the garden. Yoga and/or Tai Chi will also be... [More]

Access2Ed - Disability Supported Cooking

Cooking class for people with a disability in Sydney. Do you want to improve your cooking skills? This course will cover the basic skills in learning how to prepare and cook simple meals in a domestic kitchen. Students will work with a chef in the kitchen and get hands on practical lessons in how to prepare a simple, fresh and healthy meal for the class. Learn how to choose and follow a recipe, measure out ingredients, practice kitchen skills such as chopping, grating, cutting,... [More]

Access2Ed- Disability Supported Fun Fitness

Fitness training in Camperdown for people with a disability in Sydney. This Access2EdClass introduces a variety of fun fitness activities and sports skills and drills and gives students opportunities to try out different sports and build skills. Warm up, get skilled, work out, and participate in a range of activities designed to improve concentration and coordination. Learn about safe ways to exercise in a supportive environment. This course is running from the Sydney Centre for... [More]

Access2Ed - Disability Supported Performance Taster

Performance class for people with a disability in Sydney. The performing arts gives students the opportunity to express themselves and develop their own creativity through responding to music, improvisation activities and creative movement. Participate in a range of fun and social drama, music, dance and performance activities designed to build up confidence and explore self expression. Perform to an audience at the end of term! Day: Wednesday Date 12 July – 30 August, 2017- 8... [More]

Access2Ed - DisAbility Supported Art Workshops

Supported Disability Art classes in Sydney. Do you enjoy Art-Making? We are running three Saturday afternoon art workshops in June 2017, to provide the opportunity for people interested in visual arts to come together and work on a range of projects. These workshops will be held at White’s Creek Cottage in Lilyfield – a community venue and artist studio space. The surrounding environment will be a focus and inspiration. White’s Creek Cottage is set in beautiful parkland adjacent to... [More]

Access2Ed - Disability Supported Visual Arts- CREATE

Visual arts and social development class for people with a disability in Sydney. Enter a realm of relaxation and creativity. This course will support students to work on a range of activities and with a variety of materials to experiment, make choices and develop creativity. A focus for this course is to support students to explore and choose themes to work with to direct the art making process. A must for anyone who enjoys the visual arts. Day: Tuesdays Date Tuesday 11 July –... [More]

Access2Ed - DisAbility Supported Gardening Club

Disability Supported Gardening Classes in Sydney. Do you enjoy spending time outdoors in the Garden? We have a new plot at Whites Creek Community Garden in Lilyfield and need help with getting started! This course provides the opportunity for people interested in gardening to come together regulary and work on a range of projects within our new garden space. We will provide students with support from a gardening tutor to participate in planned gardening activities. During this 8... [More]

Access2Ed - Disability Supported Creative Taster Course

Creative Arts Class for people with a disability in Sydney. Set aside Wednesday afternoon to learn something new! Our New Creative Taster Course gives students a chance to try out some of the popular courses regularly offered at Sydney Community College in a supported classroom. Regular tutors at Sydney Community College will introduce students to a range of creative activities. Check our website for an update on confirmed course of study. This course will include jewellery/metal... [More]

Access2Ed - DisAbility Supported Weekday Sydney Explorer

Community Access for people with a disability in Sydney. Sydney Community College offers students the chance to visit and learn about interesting places and fun things to do in and around Sydney. We will provide students with support from a trained disability professional to guide students through the planning and research process in organising an excursion. At the first session, students will meet and plan 4 excursions to local landmarks. Learn to work out the trip on public... [More]