Creative Writing - Stories Short & True


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Creative Writing - Stories Short & True

<p><b>Learn how to craft short true stories at this <b><a href="/courses/art-classes-sydney/writing-creative-writing-courses-classes-sydney">creative writing</a></b> workshop in Sydney.</b></p><p>What


Course description

Learn how to craft short true stories at this creative writing workshop in Sydney.

What do Helen Garner, Tim Winton and David Sedaris have in common? They have all written about small snippets from their life and turned the stuff of the everyday into art.

Join us for a one day workshop to learn how to embrace moments from your life and spin them into a true short story. You’ll consider themes such as your family, your most surprising day, your greatest life passion and your relationship with nature, for example, the sea. You will learn how to craft your memories into a short and true story.

Course content
  • We will look at short creative nonfiction stories by significant authors including Helen Garner, Tim Winton and David Sedaris. In particular, Helen Garner’s True Stories, Tim Winton’s Island Home and David Sedaris' Naked.
  • We will workshop the range of themes that emerge from a consideration of those works.
  • We will explore how to look at everyday life as an opportunity for stories.
  • We will look at techniques and styles as to what makes an engaging work of creative nonfiction.
Learning outcomes

After attending this course you will have:

  • gained a greater knowledge of the variety of works of creative nonfiction
  • learned how to identify opportunities for stories in everyday life
  • an understanding of the techniques and styles that make an engaging work of creative nonfiction
  • learned how to start writing a short creative nonfiction story using material from your own life
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Course testimonials:

  • Penny said: Really enjoyed the day, very productive and very life changing. Thank you.

  • Carole said: For me writing is often a chore but, with our tutor's skilful guidance, starting to write creative non-fiction was a joyful and liberating experience. Thank you Elizabeth!

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