Creative Writing - Getting started with writing and publishing

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Course description

Getting started with writing and publishing workshop in Sydney.

If you are thinking about beginning to write fiction or non-fiction, this course will give you an idea of what you’re taking on.

How much work will it be? And what will it cost? We explore what’s involved in developing your writing skills and industry knowledge.
The thrust of this course is on what you should be thinking about now, at the beginning of your writing career.

Course content
  • What you should be doing now, at the start of your writing career
  • Understanding yourself, the market and your genre
  • Preparing your manuscript
  • Getting ready to submit
  • Formatting (why you should learn it now)
  • How to communicate your ideas
  • The elevator pitch
  • Synopsis
  • Submitting fiction and non-fiction
  • Copyright
  • What kind of publishing is right for you?
  • Trade publishing
  • Self-publishing
  • Sales (earnings)
  • Costs
  • Continuing to learn your craft
  • The basic writing skills you will need to learn
  • How to do your market research, and why
  • Build your public profile, and why
  • Photos
  • Develop a persona
  • Social media
  • Websites
  • Keep developing your skills, keep learning and join in
Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • have gained an overview of what is involved in successful creative writing, fiction or non-fiction
  • have gained a solid understanding of the writing and publishing industry
  • be able to take responsibility for your own development as an author (now that publishers don’t do this for you)
  • understand how to approach market research and how to apply the results to your own writing plans

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Course testimonials:

  • Michele said: tutor was very knowledgeable and clear with content.