Effective Time Management Course in Sydney


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Effective Time Management Course in Sydney

<p>Learn effective time <b><a href="/courses/business-classes-sydney/Job+Ready">management skills</a></b> in Sydney. </p><p>Many surveys confirm that employees believe up to 30% of their day is wasted


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Course description

Learn effective time management skills in Sydney.

Many surveys confirm that employees believe up to 30% of their day is wasted. Time is our most precious resource. It is finite. It dictates how much time we spend at work and how much time we have free outside of work. There are many skills we can adopt to better use our time.

In this course we will discuss, roll play and learn these skills.

You will learn how to create your own time management strategy for implementation in your workplace.

Course content
  • What is effective time management and why is it often so hard to do it well?
  • Why good time management is so important
  • What is time management
  • What is good time management
  • Sharing experiences of time management – successes and issues
  • Understanding the organisation we are in, their attitude to time and how it impacts each of us
  • Looking at general time barriers
  • Introducing a time management strategy
  • Your job and its time demands
  • Linking your own job description, outcomes and objectives to time management
  • Job processes
  • Examining ‘what’ we do
  • Examining ‘how’ we do it
  • Identifying time wasters
  • Identifying time dependent relationships
  • Creating a time management strategy for each student
  • Strategies for dealing with time wasting activities
  • The ORA technique
  • Setting priorities
  • Looking at personal barriers
  • Institutional barriers
  • The team
  • The culture
  • Our interdependencies
  • Dealing with what we can’t control
  • Putting our strategy down on paper
  • Plan implementation methodologies
  • Follow up – keep it on track
Ideal for
  • Employees with time pressures
  • Employees at all levels and for all business sizes
  • All industry sectors, government and not for profit

By the end of this course, you will have gained an understanding of:

  • the principles of good time management
  • time management issues, the so called time ‘killers’
  • how to deal with time 'killers'
  • time management strategies and how to tailor your job
  • Review and adjustment strategies
  • keeping the process on track so time ‘killers’ are kept at bay
We provide
  • Handouts
  • A time management tool kit for implementation in your workplace
Please bring
  • your laptop with the spreadsheet software Excel loaded.

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Course testimonials:

  • Ian said: Lannning was engaging and full of empathy towards the group. Loved his opening about Time Management - it was the highlight of the day and set up it up for a day full of learning!