Tech Savvy Seniors - Introduction to Computers and Smart Devices

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Course description

Tech Savvy Seniors – Introduction to Computers and Smart Devices

Courses for those 60+

Tech Savvy Seniors Course is a government-funded program designed to assist seniors acquire the technical skills required for everyday life in the digital age. If you, a friend or relative want to understand the wide world of the Internet and make use of its resources and social connections, then we offer a short and friendly course that will open the doors to the digital world. The hands-on workshop is designed to assist class participants with ‘everyday’ online tasks such as social media communication and online safety awareness.

These workshops are supported by the Department of Family and Community Services, State Training Services and the Department of Education and Communities.

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  • Using a personal Computer and smart devices

By the end of this session, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the main parts of a computer
  • Plug one in and turn it on
  • Be able to launch an application
  • Be able to create and save a document in WordPad
  • Be able to launch and use a web browser.

Other sessions included in this package are:

Tech Savvy Seniors - Email
Tech Savvy Seniors - Introduction to the Internet
Tech Savvy Seniors - Social Media - Social Video
Tech Savvy Seniors - Internet Security, Banking, Online Shopping

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