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Buying or Selling a Small Business - Creating value from the beginning


$299 Limited GST free / $149.50 / $239.20 / $269.10
Buying or Selling a Small Business - Creating value from the beginning

<h5 id="YourSmallBusinessCreatingValueFromDayOne">Your Small Business – Creating Value From Day One </h5><p>This course equips start-ups, entrepreneurs and first-time business owners with the know-how

$299 Limited GST free / $149.50 / $239.20 / $269.10
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Course description

Your Small Business – Creating Value From Day One

This course equips start-ups, entrepreneurs and first-time business owners with the know-how to plan and prepare their business for profit and sale from day one. Ideally, you will be either planning to get into business or have recently taken that plunge. The focus is on explaining how businesses are valued and traded and how to make the right decisions early to improve your prospects of selling for more.

In this small business course you will learn about the value of your business or business concept, understand the market for your business, available selling strategies, the risk of time-decay, how to master the lease and avoid landlord interference including effective negotiation strategies from a business sale practitioner with a track record of hundreds of successful sales.

No nonsense and beautifully low tech, this course is designed to simplify the deal making process and empower business owners to make the right exit planning decisions at the right time. Instead of numbers, the course drives home the importance of relationships and how to communicate effectively with agents, brokers, lawyers and others involved in the process.

Course content.
  • Valuations and Appraisals
- Price v Value - What a buyer is prepared to pay for your business - How to increase price without increasing sales
  • Financials
- The only 2 numbers that count - What to ask your accountant
  • Value Drivers and Value Detractors
- The upsides and downsides to your business - Strategic value v. financial value - What buyers want to see - Increasing the emotional value of your business
  • Road blocks
- Anticipating delays and risks to the sale - The importance of qualifying buyers - Identifying barriers to the sale - Finding the quickest way to completion
  • Leases
- Understanding leases are either an asset or liability - Time decay
  • Identifying the sell-by-date in every lease
-How to renegotiate a lease to increase business value
  • Paths to Market
- How businesses are sold - How to market and attract qualified buyers - Business brokers and selling agents commissions, agencies and traps
Learning Outcomes

By end of this course participants will be able to:
1. Self-appraise: understand the valuation methods that apply to their business (relative to their industry and location) and complete an informal appraisal of the resale value of their business by applying the appropriate method to key financial indicators.
2. Identify risk: understand why some businesses cannot be sold (in their present condition), accurately assess the likelihood of third party interference and the role of landlords, suppliers, franchisors and statutory authorities.
3. Plan: understand how to effectively exit plan and the timing and steps required to avoid or limit third party interference and external risks.
4. Execute: understand the importance of sticking to the plan, how to give effect to same by among other things negotiating on value, not price and engaging with sales professionals.