How to pitch to the media - the basics of good PR

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Course description

Learn the basics of PR in Sydney.

Why do some people or organisations always seem to be in the media? What is it that the media wants and how do you, the exposure starved individual or organisation, let the media know that you are newsworthy?

In these interactive and practical workshops you will learn the PR fundamentals that prepare you to pitch and land a story in the media. Each attendee will walk away with a story pitch that’s ready to go, sample media targets to take it to, and more importantly a sound understanding of how to navigate the media landscape ongoing.

Course content

Session 1:

  • Overview of the media landscape and opportunities
  • Discussion of the 4 types of news stories, the difference between paid and earned media, and how to spot a PR opportunity

Session 2:

  • Introduce the story funnel concept for pitch development
  • Explanation of storytelling basics, the process of unearthing your own story and demonstrated success through case study examples

Session 3:

  • Pitching the media de-mystified & guidance for nailing the pitch
  • Share best practices for interacting with journalists — from how to identify appropriate targets, how and when to engage them, and what to do once you’ve secured an interview

By the end of the workshops, it is intended that participants will:

  • be able to identify a PR opportunity in a given news cycle
  • have the know-how to take the story/pitch developed in the course to a sample of journalists that would be interested
  • have gained an understanding of how to engage journalists and deliver a strong interview
Ideal for
  • Those with a tight marketing budget. It is great for start-ups, entrepreneurs, artists, activists and small business owners.

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