Investment Portfolio - Construction and Management


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Investment Portfolio - Construction and Management

<h5 id="LearnhowtoconstructandmanageyourowninvestmentPortfolioinSydney">Learn how to construct and manage your own investmentPortfolio in Sydney.</h5><p>If you have an <b><a href="/courses/


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Course description

Learn how to construct and manage your own investmentPortfolio in Sydney.

If you have an investment portfolio or are looking to build a portfolio from cash, this course will outline an investment framework for you to consider using techniques from some of the most successful Chief Investment Offices globally.

Each individual, family and organisation have different investment time frames, return objectives and risk constraints therefore no universal portfolio exists that is suitable for all investors. In light of that, this presentation will step you through a methodical process to help you to build a portfolio designed to maximise the chances of achieving your desired objectives, whatever they may be.

Ideal for

This lecture is designed for everyone who has or is thinking of building an investment portfolio.

Course content
  • The value of making smart decisions
  • How to conduct portfolio analysis by using the example of the Yale and Harvard endowment funds, family offices, large industry superannuation funds and the sovereign wealth fund of Australia: the Future Fund.
  • Understand the different structures that are available to help you to reduce unnecessary costs.
  • Discuss the various cost propositions in the market from financial intermediaries and investment managers.
  • Learn how to measure and benchmark your portfolio against peers and against your stated objectives.
  • Diversification in context and how to practically apply this poorly understood concept.
  • Portfolio solutions available in the Australian marketplace.
Learning Outcomes

By the end of this presentation you will

  • be able to apply smart techniques used by the some of the most successful Chief Investment Offices globally to your own portfolio.
  • have the knowledge necessary to access research and investments that may add additional performance and/or cost savings to your investment accounts
  • understand your options and be able to carefully analyse where and how to access advice and investments.
  • appreciate the complex world of financial markets and the financial intermediaries who can be both a positive and negative influence on the achievement of an investors objectives.
  • know how to build a portfolio in the most cost effective and efficient manner to ensure that more of your money remains in your portfolio and not in an intermediary‚Äôs hands.
  • be able to effectively measure the success of your decisions.
Please bring to class
  • A notepad and pen
We provide
  • Handouts

The information provided in this course is general in nature and does not constitute advice.

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Course testimonials:

  • Carolyn said: This was an enlightening course but maybe a bit short for the amount of material to go through. Definitely worthwhile.

  • Colleen said: How to get started - answer some questions to make a plan