Creative Writing - How to write poetry

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Course description

Poetry writing workshop in Sydney.

In this poetry workshop we will look at four different ways a poem can come into being including observation, the senses, personal memory and reflection. Geared towards enjoyment, variety and tangible outcomes having enduring value for each individual writer, this workshop will balance teaching and composition, with time for read-back and feedback.

As a bonus, your tutor will specifically address the process of editing, exploring the kind of writer-editor you are, and offering insights into how to hone your freshly-made work.

Course content


  • The life of a poem is held by the details, which come from closely observing everything around you. Without detail a poem is flat and devoid of interest. Class members will be asked to choose an object from a treasure box of everyday objects to observe closely and write a poem about. Students will be encouraged to use metaphor in their compositions.

The senses

  • Poems that deal with the five senses directly will inevitably be rich in imagery. By referencing senses, especially those often left out of poems, poets can invoke strong emotions through the way people universally perceive certain sounds, smells, and tastes. Class members will be asked to write a poem about a common experience (walking home from school, taking off in an airplane) representing all of the senses in their descriptions.

Personal memory

  • Many deep sources for writing reside in personal memories. Memories of childhood and adolescence, fears and anticipations related to growing up, and emotions surrounding life changes can provide the seeds for poems. Students will be asked to write a poem using a personal memory, or a photograph from the past, creating images from the emotions that the memory evokes.


  • Life is no easy thing to explain. What is our purpose? Why do we do what we do? There are no easy answers to these questions, but this does not stop poets contemplating the questions. ‘Carpe Diem’ poems urge their readers to make the most of life, to seize the day because life is fleeting. Students will be asked to write poems of reflection that are reminders about life’s overlooked pleasures.

By the end of this course you will:

  • understand and use the poetic techniques of metaphor, stanza and line breaks, rhyme and rhythm
  • be able to analyse how a poem is constructed
  • have improved their writing by using a broader range of creative techniques
  • understand how to edit and revise a poem
Ideal for
  • Writers at all levels.

Whether you are a beginner or have experience of writing poetry, the course will stimulate your imagination and help you to develop your writing skills in a positive workshop environment.

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