Podcasting Course for Beginners


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Podcasting Course for Beginners

<h5 id="LearnhowtostartapodcastinSydneyPodcastingforbeginnerscourse">Learn how to start a podcast in Sydney – Podcasting for beginners course</h5><p>What’s your story? Why do you want to podcast? What


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Course description

Learn how to start a podcast in Sydney – Podcasting for beginners course

What’s your story? Why do you want to podcast? What excites you about the platform and how can you gain reach for your ideas? What do you want to say and how do you want to say it?

In this “from the beginning” podcasting course you will discover how to go from an idea to a well structured show. Covering essential recording techniques, post recording techniques to improve the quality of your audio as well as the distribution channels used to make your podcasts available for streaming. Tell the world your story, explore your passions and build your podcast community!

This course is hands on and you will record the essential elements of a Podcast twice, once with a portable Digital Audio Workstation ( DAW – Voice recorder) and again directly into a software DAW. You choose which recording session to edit in post production. Time permitting a practical session of fixing common audio flaws such as background noise, car horns and church bells intruding will be covered. Comprehensive notes using Adobe Audition are included.

Course Content


What is podcasting and how does it work? An overview of where podcasting is today and the vast market you will be entering. Essential audio knowledge such as: What is a Decibel? Signal-to-Noise Ratio and its impact on quality recording. How microphones work and what types are best for voice recording. Preparing your recording space, what minimum equipment required to start recording, upload & broadcast.

Beginning your podcast

  • Audio levels – Why Setting the Right Level is so Important
  • Voice – projecting your voice, confidence in your delivery, breathing
  • Recording – Using Adobe Audition and a protable DAW. Audition is used in Post Production to edit your recordings into a Podcast format
  • Audio File Type for master recording .wav .m4a .mp3 .aiff and .mp3 for Distribution

Practical – Introduction to Recording

  • Make a suitable recording environment
  • Microphone placement
  • Check levels, record a piece of audio, Edit – check level

Practical – Recording Body

  • How to produce a script. A bullet point guideline Vs Off the Cuff recording

Practical – Post Production

  • Splicing your recorded elements together, adding music and effects (M&E). Ducking M&E under your voice.

Distribution & Publishing Channels

  • Podcasts Connect. Artwork, RSS feed, time to live. Soundcloud and Libsyn
Learning outcomes

By the end of this course it is intended that students will understand or be able to:

  • Understand And Describe Copyright Restrictions relating to music used
  • Identify A Podcast From Other Recorded Material
  • Be Comfortable With Your Own Voice On A Recording
  • Identify What Equipment Is Required As A Minimum To Begin
  • Decided On A Style Or Styles For Further Exploration
  • Have A Plan For Episode Release
  • Have Decided On A Podcasting Niche
  • Understand And Be Able To Describe The Function Of An RSS Feed
  • Be Able To Record At The Highest Quality Level Available with your DAW
  • Be Able To Publish/Distribute In .Mp3 audio format
  • Be Able To Describe Why These Standards Are Used
  • Be Able To Record A Sample Of Audio Using The Correct Use Of Levels
  • Be Able To Correctly Use A Microphone
  • Be Able Record A 5 – 10 Minutes Audio Piece
  • Be Able To Process An Audio File
What you can bring

This class is held in our computer room using Windows Computers and Adobe Audition so you will only need to bring a USB for saving recordings and headphones or earphones.

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If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • Nuria said: 5 Stars

  • Emma said: The actual ‘doing’. The experiential learning was the best.

  • Sheena said: The course was thorough and covered every aspect required for beginners. Also the detailed course notes are very helpful. The tutor is knowledgable and relaxed, making for an interesting and enjoyable course. One more day to implement the practical aspects would make the course perfect.

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