How to podcast like a pro - Podcasting for beginners course

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Course description

Learn to podcast in Sydney – Podcasting for beginners course

In this beginners podcasting course you will learn how to go from an idea to a fully functioning show. Learn how to get yourself on iTunes and available to the world! Tell the world your story, explore your passions and build your community. You might even change the world!

Course Content
  • Introduction

What is podcasting? Why podcast? Why do you want to podcast? Podcasting stats. The terror of hearing your own voice. Copyright. Minimum equipment. iTunes

  • The bare minimum to start

Why are you podcasting? What’s your story? Frequency of shows? Interviews, co-hosts, monolog. What’s your niche? Hosting. Free, paid, where not to host. Cost, RSS feed

  • Recording introduction

File types. .wav .m4a .mp3 .aiff Levels, setting, reverb, voice projection, breathing, not on radio, into app or direct to computer? Record a sample of audio

  • Recording introduction and prac part 1

Check levels, record a piece of audio, EditCheck levels, record a piece of audio, Edit

  • Recording prac part 2

How to produce a script. A bullet point guideline. Off the cuff recording. and then doing each style

  • Post production

What are we trying to do? Software, audacity, garageband, file type at saving, auphonic

  • iTunes & Publishing

Podcasts Connect. Artwork, RSS feed, time to live. Soundcloud and Libsyn

  • Promotion & Podfading

The use of Facebook, twitter, tumblr, YouTube and a blog. The magic seven episode mark and podfading. Resources to keep you podcasting and learning

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course it is intended that students will undertsand or be able to:

  • understand and describe copyright restrictions
  • identify a podcast from other media
  • be comfortable their own voice on a recording
  • identify what equipment is required as a minimum to begin
  • decided on a style or styles for further exploration
  • have a plan for episode release
  • have decided on a podcasting niche
  • understand and describe the protocols for hosting
  • understand and be able to describe the function of an RSS feed
  • be able to record at the highest level available
  • be able to publish in .mp3 at 64 kilobits and mono
  • be able to discribe why these standards are used
  • be able to record a sample of audio using the correct use of levels
  • be able to correctly use a microphone
  • be able record a 5 – 10 minutes audio piece
  • be able to critically decide on software
  • be able to process an audio file
  • be able to publish to a host
What you can bring – optional

This class is held in our computer room, however you may prefer to bring your own laptop.

If you have these, you may also bring (optional):

  • a microphone and headphones
  • an iTunes account login
  • your smart phone
  • an online account to be able upload your podcasts.

Avoid disappointment. Enrol early.

Please ensure that you have given a valid email and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or email.