Photography (203) - Creating images with impact

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Course description

Can you identify a strong image from a weak one? Can you isolate the critical components that create strong images? Do your images have sufficient impact to impress strangers? How do people take photographs that get recognised and win awards? This course targets the visual content of photography, with a primary focus on building image impact into the shooting and editing of your photos. All photography genres can develop composition and strength skills with targeted tuition, peer critique and guided feedback to provide inspiration and motivation for the photographer.

Class sessions incorporate image critiquing, encouragement feedback and peer review on your printed images, and provide the focus points on imaging quality that drive motivation for excellence in your photographic body of work.

How is your photography progressing? Are you firing on all cylinders, or do you need a massive injection of inspiration and focus? This course challenges and extends your photographic boundaries.

Course content Length: 4 sessions x 3 hours

During this course the following topics will be covered, but not necessarily in the order given.

Session 1

  • Elemental building blocks of image design
  • Critical elements of imaging
  • Compositional upskilling

Session 2

  • Image impact: single photos, series & sequences
  • Individual image analysis and review
  • Black & white vs. colour imaging outcomes
  • Assignments for ideas, projects and personal field shoots

Session 3

  • Photographer approach, tone and style
  • Displaying and critiquing images and storylines
  • Sequencing and editing an image series
  • Creating & refining a photographic narrative

Session 4

  • Photographer toolkit
  • Influences, referencing & appropriation
  • Peer feedback and review sessions
  • Styling images – designing an image style

Photography (101) - Digital Photography for Beginners or equivalent. Must have good camera and photography skills and be able to work their camera with competence and confidence. Recommended: Urban Photo Walks, Travel Photography Workshop or equivalent practical photography experience.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course it is intended that course participants will be able:

  • to identify the building blocks of strong image elements and incorporate compositional skills into captured and edited images
  • to assess image quality, implement positive critiquing feedback methods, and reflect on personal and group feedback to improve and refine their own photographic narrative
  • to identify source points of photographic inspiration to drive continued motivation towards excellence of image outcomes
  • to utilise a personal photographer toolkit to identify and strengthen a unique voice in a photographic body of work

Students to bring digital, film or phone camera + memory card or film (as required) tablet, phone or note pad for notes