Photography - Level 2 (Creative Skills)

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Creative Photography skills course in Sydney.

Mastered the basics? Ready to move on and make your images really attract some attention and praise? Then you’re ready for the next level of our beginners photography program. Creative photography skills takes you past the first levels of comprehension in photography and begins to teach you about photographic languages, the techniques and skills required to master composition and light to create images with real impact. This course opens your world to new creative techniques, beyond the point and shoot, you will become more deliberate and more considered with your choices when approaching a shot and begin to pro. By the end of this course you will understand how to use light and composition effectively helping you understand the concepts of colour, light, contrast, balance, rhythm, movement, and the elements of design.

Study the work of leading photographers by observing and practising their styles, techniques and creative approach. Please note students will need to have completed Photography 101 or an equivalent course to enrol, special consideration can be given to students who feel they meet the requirements, please see outcomes of Photography 101 course.

Course content
  • Design Principles: contrast, balance, visual weight, harmony, unity, variety, repetition, rhythm, movement, emphasis, gradation and 3D Form
  • Design Elements: line, dynamic diagonals, curves, shape, triangle, pattern, texture, colour, value, positive and negative space
  • Design Considerations: scale, proportion, proportion-based systems, rule of thirds, rule of odds and contextualising backgrounds
  • Image capture processes: camera positioning, shoot angle, point of view, framing, edge of frame, simplification, cropping, counterpoint, juxtaposition, silhouette, tilted angle, zoom framing

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the role of creativity and imagination in the composition of photographs
  • Analyse images for creative use of visual design elements and principles
  • Understand the role of visual perception in photographic composition
  • Make effective decisions which balance technical, creative & practical choices
  • Apply the fundamentals of composition to taking photographs
  • Understand the use of line, shape, colour, movement, repititon, texture scale & value in the composition of photographic images
  • Understand cropping, framing, simplification, counterpoint, juxtaposition in the composition of photographic images
Other information

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Photography - Level 2 (Creative Skills)

<p>Creative <a href="/courses/art-classes-sydney/digital-photography-DSLR-camera-courses-classes-sydney">Photography</a> skills course in Sydney.</p><p>Mastered the basics? Ready to move on and make

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If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • said: I enjoyed most the practicality of the course, richly illustrated by works of many photographers. Very good lasting value!

  • said: I enjoyed the course simply for what it was. A more theoretical approach to photographic technique. It achieved what I wanted it to in terms of improving the way I go about taking photos

  • said: I was recommend to attend this course by a friend who had had done this course himself and I was not disappointed. Richard is a knowledgeable and patient tutor and I learnt immensely from this course. The content for the course material was good and I enjoyed doing the assignments. I will surely be attending others courses that are taught by Richard. Cheers

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