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Learn Magic Tricks

<p><b><a href="/courses/art-classes-sydney/Drama-Acting-Courses">Learn</a> how to do magic and card tricks in Sydney.</b></p><p>Magicians like Constantino inspire us to dive into the world of


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Course description

Learn how to do magic and card tricks in Sydney.

Magicians like Constantino inspire us to dive into the world of illusions and trickery to figure out how exactly they did it. In this course, you can explore the world of magic to practice more than just card handling and learn how to manipulate the human brain to deceive the senses.

Claudio Russino has many years of experience in the art of magical performance, and being a practicing magician, he will pass on his insider tips. Starting simple, you will work your way to the ‘big leagues’ with expert techniques that will leave your audience amazed.

Ideal for…

This workshop is designed for beginners and intermediates who want to enhance their skills in magic performance.

Course content

Before you become better than Chris Angel, you must first learn:

  • how to connect with your audience and the psychology of magic
  • misdirection tricks, stage magic, card and coin sleight of hand, magic of the mind, and children’s magic
  • the importance of practice
  • impromptu magic – useful equipment.
Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will:

  • have had a ball!
  • have practiced your card handling and be able to construct your own simple magic tricks
  • be able to perform these and other tricks with confidence to audiences, both large and small.
Materials provided

All materials are included.

Please come prepared
  • Please bring a deck of ordinary playing cards

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