How to make wooden fishing lures

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Course description

Learn to make wooden fishing lures in Sydney.

Learning to craft your own wooden fishing lures is hands down your #1 ticket to a lifetime of unforgettable lure fishing. And this class is the perfect way to get started! Find out why wooden lures consistently catch more fish than plastic ones, and how to get your slice of the action. Your tutor is an international lure making authority and author – and a qualified fisheries scientist to boot! So the course is packed with nuggets to fill your tackle box with fish catchers and take your fishing to the next level. Using the simplest of tools you’ll make 3 different styles of lure from raw materials to “ready to paint”. You’ll take them home to finish (and fish), along with painting information and resources. One of the lures you’ll make (a lipless rattlebait) is so advanced that 95% of experienced lure makers don’t know how to make it. But you’ll be knocking them out in no time!

Course content

Session 1

  • Introduction to wooden lure making, tools, materials, principles etc;
  • Making lipped crankbaits, 2 different techniques. Hands on lure making using pre-prepared kits to demonstrate screw eye and through wire constuction.

Session 2

  • Continue making lipped crankbaits and start making lipless rattlebait;
  • Finish lipless rattlebait using laminated body method. Lure painting demonstration.
Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop it is proposed that the student will:

  1. understand the benifits of wooden lures and how they out-perform injection moulded plastic lures;
  2. be able to construct wooden lure bodies using three different techniques;
  3. be able to identify and source materials for successful lure making.