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UX Design Course

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Course description

Learn UX Design in Sydney.

User Experience (UX) Design is the basis of any good digital product, and the demand for UX designers is increasing. There are many online resources that can help you understand what is required, but they may not help you develop practical skills necessary to get started in the field.

This UX Design Course has a specific focus on practical skills that will equip you towards succeed in a UX Design role.

Ideal for

No pre-requisites. This course is for anyone interested in transitioning into the field of User Experience Designs.

Often UX Designers come from previous roles such as:

  • Visual, Digital, or Graphic Designers
  • Art Directors and Creative Directors
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Copywriting
  • Communication Designers
  • Web Developers
Course content
  • What is User Experience
  • What is the typical process of a UX Designer
  • What hard skills and soft skills do you need
  • How to communicate effectively


  • What is user research
  • How to conduct user interviews
  • How to design and conduct workshops
  • How to manage stakeholders through the research process


  • Part of the session is practical, where you will get to hold a testing session or a workshop. The activities for this class will depend on the number of students.

Research analysis

  • How to analyse interviews
  • How to create personas
  • How to map user journeys
  • Competitor analysis


  • What is the difference between solutions and deliverables
  • Content audit
  • Information architecture
  • How to manage stakeholders through the content audit


  • Part of the session is practical, where you will get to hold a testing session. The activities for this class will depend on the number of students, but you will be working with recruited participants – not students.


  • Web conventions
  • Visual hierarchy
  • How to build wireframes
  • How to manage stakeholders
  • UI Design

Prototyping and testing

  • Low-fidelity vs high-fidelity prototypes
  • How to recruit people for testing
  • How to conduct a user testing session
  • How to present results from testing

UX process

  • Recap of a typical UX Design process
  • What are the differences between Agile and Waterfall
  • Finding your own process
  • Working in teams


  • What are the different jobs in the field
  • What are the differences for a UX designer between a startup, an established organization
  • What kind of portfolio will you need
Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of

  • what is UX Design and UX process
  • how to conduct user interviews
  • how to design and facilitate workshops
  • how to analyze user research
  • how to do a competitor analysis
  • how to create personas
  • how to create user journeys
  • how to do a content audit
  • how to create and test information architecture
  • how to create solutions and deliverables (such as wireframes and prototypes)
  • what part does UI play
  • how to hold a user testing session
  • how to manage stakeholders
  • how to structure portfolio

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Course testimonials:

  • John said: Vera explained every detail thoroughly and demystified a lot of the misconceptions about UX. There was flexibility in tailoring some course elements to suit current in-house projects. Vera's delivery was enthusiastic - making the more theory-based components very easy to follow.