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UI Design Course

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Course description

Learn UI Design in Sydney.

User Interface (UI) design determines the look and feel of a digital product, such as an app or a website. Basically, it’s all the visible elements that you see: colours, fonts, buttons, images, menus, icons, etc. Good UI design helps people make a choice, find information, increase conversion (for example, increase product sales), as well as strengthen the brand image overall. The goal of UI design is to make interactions as simple and efficient as possible.

  • Understand basic principles of UI design;
  • Learn basics of the most common UI software;
  • Complete one project that students will be able to use in their portfolio.
Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, it is intended that students will be able to

  • be able to demonstrate the basics of layout;
  • differentiate UI design for mobile vs large-screen devices;
  • understand basics of typography and colour;
  • create a basic UI design;
  • effectively communicate design ideas and visualise concepts.
Who is it aimed at
  • UX designers who want to learn UI design and make their portfolio pieces stand out;
  • Developers who want to do UI for their projects;
  • Project managers who work with designers and want to understand the basics of UI design, or the ability to make updates;
  • Entrepreneurs who want to visualise their ideas for pitches;
  • Print designers who are planning to branch out into digital.
Essential Equipment

Students must be able to provide their own laptop computer.

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