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Learn Java

<p><b>Java <a href="/courses/business-classes-sydney/Coding+Courses">programming</a> class in Sydney. </b></p><p>Before Java there was C and C++ - Since the turn of the millennium Java has been either

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Course description

Java programming class in Sydney.

Before Java there was C and C++ - Since the turn of the millennium Java has been either number 1 or 2 in the most used language surveys. With Version 8 it is still a fresh language that promotes practicality as well as being scalable with high performance and reliability. Before you try Client/Server programming with Java Enterprise Edition or the Micro Editon for mobile devices or Java Card for embedded code in chips you need to cover the fundamentals.

Using the Standard Edition you can quickly transfer your existing programming knowledge into the Java Object Model before extending yourself into the other types of Java programming.

Please note: You must have a good working knowledge of another programming language to get the most from this course.

Course content

Session 1

  • An introduction to Java technology
  • Installing Java development software
  • Create a simple non GUI programs
  • The essential concepts and features of the Java Programming Language

Session 2

  • Essential Java Classes —Exceptions, basic input/output, concurrency, regular expressions, and the platform environment

Session 3

  • Collections — using and extending the Java Collections Framework

Session 4

  • Developing Graphical user Interfaces to your program

Session 5

  • Deployment — How to package applications and applets using JAR files, and deploy them using Java Web Start and Java Plug-in

By the end of this course it is planned that the student will be able to:

  • understand the Java development and runtime model
  • develop good Object Oriented Design and Coding practices
  • transfer existing programming knowledge into the Java space
  • be able to code to the Java SE standard
Other Information
  • Assumed knowlege
  • This course has been written from a Windows point of view as it is still the dominant system used in commerce/business
  • The elements of software required are the Oracle Java Development kit and the Eclipse Interated Development Environment, both of which are free and easily obtainable via download
  • Course notes are comprehensive and provided by instructor in PDF form
Please bring to class
  • Your own laptop

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