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If you want your child to learn to play tennis
or just improve his or her tennis, then these classes are perfect for them. Kids are coached with other kids of a similar skill level and assigned their own dedicated tennis professional and court.

With highly-qualified teaching professionals on duty, kids aged 4-7 years will learn to strike the ball while having a lot of fun doing it. As they are led through the latest techniques and games they will enjoy the sense of achievement as they improve each week. There is nothing quite like kids getting out in the fresh air to discover their hidden talents. Along with this they will realise the important social and co-operative aspects of this wonderful world-wide sport. Children will:

  • Receive individual attention, grading, encouragement and awards
  • Learn the fundamental skills of tennis in a safe and secure environment whilst having fun along the way.
  • Play with modified equipment that is appropriate to their age, size, ability and to develop new skills and enhanced coordination
  • Meet new friends, add to their fitness & improve their ball and racquet skills.
  • Play using the latest teaching approaches in classes which stress maximum participation.
  • Learn the correct grips & techniques for the forehand, backhand, serve & volley.
  • Be introduced to the ready position, backswing, swing to the ball, contact, follow-through and recovery.
  • Rally the ball backwards and forwards over the net with other players.
  • Develop footwork, movement and recovery for all strokes.
  • Learn the scoring system and the rules of tennis so these can be combined to play a proper scoring game.

During your course the intention is that the above topics will be covered but not necessarily in the order given. Due to the flexible nature of Children’s classes, parts of the curriculum may be adapted to suit the needs of the class.

Additional Course Information
  • Attendance must be across consecutive weeks on the same day and session time each week. Once a booking has been confirmed, no-shows or cancellations void the class and no rescheduling is allowed.
  • Class sizes range from two to three players.
  • Bring your own racquet if you have one, or use one of our school’s racquets for free. New tennis racquets are always available at our venues for purchase at affordable prices.
  • Wear comfortable clothing of any colour and sports or running shoes. Bring a water bottle and a hat for day time classes. If you need to change clothes the coaches on duty will direct you where you can do so. You can bring your bag onto the court.
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your class start time if you are visiting us for the first time. If you have visited us before, arrive 5 minutes prior.
  • It is important for children to remain within the enclosed area until picked up and escorted away by parent or guardian; if a student is old enough and has permission she or he can make her own way home.
  • Please ensure that you have given a valid email and mobile number when you enrol as all course changes will be communicated via sms or email. Avoid disappointment, enrol early.

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

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