Influence: The Science & Practice Of Persuasion

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Course description

Want to have more impact in various departments of your life? Curious about the science of influence and persuasion? Or simply want to gain confidence in your interpersonal relationships in the workplace or with family and friends? This short course is for you!

Influence and persuasion is a science rather than an art, to be separated from control, persuasion is about being confident in your ideas and gaining trust and respect amongst your peers. Together we will unpack the evidence for the six principles of influence. It is loosely based on some works from Dr. Robert Cialdini, including his most recent book; “Pre-Suasion” (2016). Together we’ll take an informal look at the Cialdini’s “laws” of influence. Dr Jack Schaefer’s work as an FBI investigator is also a featured element of your course. Also, learn some of the infamously poor decisions made by some very smart people in group strategy meetings. For years, persuasive personalities, “influencers,” were regarded as unique, born to enjoy their winning ways. Not so! Skills of influencers can be learned and practiced to deliver real results!

Cialdini’s six proven and enduring influence principles are:

  • Reciprocity
  • Liking
  • Authority
  • Social proof
  • Scarcity
  • Consistency
Course structure

Using brief inputs and the occasional video we get to grips with proven strategies employed to influence our decision-making. From politics to personal relationships, from soft diplomacy to hard business skills we explore the evidence available in a wide variety of published source material. Although conversational in tone, your course is informed by established evidence-based research.

Over the four sessions of two hours duration you will learn:

Week One:
  • Introduction to influence.
  • The principle of reciprocity; ‘the old give and take’... and take. Giving in order to get!
  • The powerful impact of rapport and ‘liking’ strategies. Body language and influence. Verbal styles and influence. What you can do!
Week Two:
  • Social proof and the power of group influence. What you can do when ‘groupthink’ operates.
  • The importance of trustworthy ‘authority’ for influence.
  • Understanding messages of scarcity and how loss drives desire. Handling notions of urgency.
Week Three:
  • Practical applications for you. How the influence principles care used. Commitment and the drive for consistency. The power of consistency for influence and persuasion.
Week Four:
  • Bringing it all together. Drawing from a range of sources and ‘playing’ with influence. Notions of ‘pre-suasion’ and ‘post-suasion’. How you can influence with sound preparation.
About your tutor

George Owen (M.A., Dip; CH, Strat Psych. MP; NLP), is a coach and therapist who loves training! Originally from Ireland, an Australian citizen now for over 20 years has been a university lecturer, trainer and therapist. George brings a broad range of behavioural science skills to his latest work. “Work”, is however, NOT a feature of the courses he teaches! Fun can be a greater aid to learning than effort or challenge!

Course testimonials:

  • Felicity said: Loved the class, the tutor was great and the content appropriate.

  • Arthur said: Student gave this course 5 stars