Introduction to Indoor Gardening


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Introduction to Indoor Gardening

<p><b><a href="/courses/lifestyle-classes-house-and-garden-sydney/House-Renovation-Garden-Design">Learn</a> Indoor Gardening in Sydney.</b></p><p>Get to know the indoor plants and learn how to create


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Course description

Learn Indoor Gardening in Sydney.

Get to know the indoor plants and learn how to create an indoor garden in Sydney.

Plants are scientifically proven to improve our health, productivity and creativity, and in this fast paced world they also help calm us down.

In this class you will learn all the basics to starting your own indoor jungle, covering the basics of finding the right spot for your plants and how to keep it thriving.

You will never kill a succulent again!

Ideal for…

This workshop is perfect for anyone who loves plants and would like to add some plants indoor.

Course content
  • Science behind the benefits having plants in your life
  • Key principles in identifying the right spot for the right plant
  • Troubleshooting – how to recognise and understand what your plant needs
  • How to repurpose household items as pots
  • Hands-on opportunity to take cuttings
Learning outcomes

After this fun workshop you will:

  • have explored creative ways to incorporate plants into your home
  • be familiar with a few popular indoor plants and their benefits to your home
  • know how air purifying plants work and the benefits of your home
  • find out easy ways to propagate your own plants
  • be an expert at plant shopping knowing what to look for when buying indoor plants
  • learn where to go to find indoor plants
What you will get
  • An e-book of Indoor Gardening essentials
  • An air purifying plant for your bedroom
  • A few cuttings to start off your indoor garden
Please bring to class
  • Just yourselves

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Course testimonials:

  • Bianca said: Everything. It was very practical, with hands-on activities.

  • Ronja said: Great course with lots of helpful advice. Can‘t wait to apply all newly gained knowledge over the next few weeks!

  • Nina said: Hilary was a great tutor! I like her relaxed casual approach. She catered to all levels of people in her class. She answered all the questions clearly and offered some really invaluable advice for looking after plants. This class was very informative, it was so much fun and actually getting hands-on with the plants and cuttings was great! I will definitely look for more classes and attend more taught by Hilary! Very interesting topic and well presented by Hilary :)