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Learn French - Continuers

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Course description

Learn French - Continuers in Sydney

Learn to speak French in Sydney with this continuer’s class.

Maintain and build your French language skills in Sydney with this informal interactive course that will help you take your skills to the next level.

You will consolidate what you have previously learnt and further expand your vocabulary, grammar and understanding of French via new topics that will provide plenty of listening, speaking and some writing practice.

Ideal for

Students who have completed approximately 120 hours of French language learning (for example, Levels 1 to 7 with this College, or similar).

You may have done several short French language courses in Australia or abroad or you may have studied French at High School and are looking for an opportunity to brush up on your skills and practice the language (listening, speaking, and writing).

If you are unsure whether this course is a suitable level for you, please contact the Customer Service Team to arrange an assessment by the course teacher before you enrol.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this Learn French – Continuers class, you should be able to understand and put into practice simple language/expressions used in the following areas


  • Interact with retailers (shopping for goods and services) and payment methods
  • Recognise different types of French food specialty stores and other French retailers
  • Describe containers and quantities of food products
  • Write a shopping list


  • Read restaurant reviews and discuss your favourite style of French dining
  • Learn how understand a menu and how to order at a restaurant
  • Give a positive or negative appreciation of your experience at a restaurant

Reminiscing about the past:

  • Learn how to reminisce about how things used to be / what you used to do
  • Compare “then” and "now"

Grammar introduced through above topics:

  • pronom 'en'
  • pronoms relatifs (relative pronouns)- revise qui/que + learn dont, lequel and où
  • Speak about making polite requests (using le conditionnel)
  • Speak about habitual past actions (using l’imparfait)
  • Compare the use of l’imparfait to that of the passé composé

The curriculum may be adapted slightly to suit the needs of the class. The topics above will be covered during this course, but not necessarily in the order given.

What to bring to class
  • Your text book
  • A notebook and pen

Alter Ego Plus A1
ISBN: 9782011558107

The textbook costs approximately $43, including CDRom. (You may also opt to buy the activity book and audio CD that accompanies the textbook – approx. $30). To encourage learning through immersion in the language, the text is entirely in French, so you may also choose to buy a French/English dictionary or app as an extra learning resource.

You can purchase the textbook from Abbeys Bookstore (131 York Street, Sydney). It is close to the CBD campus and offers a 10% discount to Sydney Community College students.

Avoid disappointment. Enrol early.

Please ensure that you have given a valid email and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or email.