Film - frame-by-frame - the language of film

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Course description

Learn the film makers craft frame-by-frame in this film studies class in Sydney.
Course description

Frame-by-Frame – Understanding the Language of Film is an eight part lecture/discussion series that examines the many aspects of film and how those parts contribute to the total narrative.

During the course, students will discover and discuss the methods and techniques that are used by film-makers in making their meaning understood.

The series discusses sound, production design, editing, directing, genre, producing, cinematography, acting and script writing. Specific film examples are used including “Billy Elliot” and “The Queen”. Also, examples from dozens of other films and film stills are used to illustrate individual topics. Comprehensive course notes are provided.

  • Students will understand the mechanics of film making from script to theatre; How ideas are turned into cellulite, who the key positions are and who they interact with each other to create a film.
  • Students will gain insight into the use of sound, cinematography, editing and production design in supporting and often telling the story non verbally.
  • Students will be able to identify how film techniques are used within film and how technology is providing greater scope when ‘suspending reality’.
  • Student will be able use examples of films to explain story telling within a film and how this contributes to the success of journey of the narrative.
Please bring to each class
  • Notepad and paper or a tablet

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Course testimonials:

  • Theresa said: The content, and Kimberley is incredibly encouraging and knowledgeable. I am a little devastated that the course is over; I looked forward to it every week. I would gladly sign up for a sequel course!

  • Jessica said: This course was excellent, and I'd really recommend pushing the advertising for this as I think it would be more popular than the small class size suggested. I've done many film short courses and this was the most informative and enjoyable I've experienced. I would love to see a follow up course.