Facebook Marketing Course Sydney


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Facebook Marketing Course Sydney

<p>Facebook marketing course for <b><a href="/courses/business-classes-sydney/Social+Media+Classes">business</a></b> in Sydney.</p><p>Whether you’re a sole trader, small business owner, freelance


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Course description

Facebook marketing course for business in Sydney.

Whether you’re a sole trader, small business owner, freelance digital marketer, or work inhouse in digital marketing, Facebook marketing is essential for 21st century business.

Join us for one-day, comprehensive, highly-practical Facebook marketing course to learn how to turn Facebook into a powerful promotional machine.

Looking at Facebook advertising, email list growth, Facebook pages and Facebook groups, this course is regularly updated to ensure you’re learning up-to-the-minute information on how to ensure your Facebook marketing stops the scroll, cuts through the clutter and makes it through the Facebook algorithm.

Ideal for everyone who:
  • already has a Facebook Business Page or is willing to get one started on the day
  • spends money on Facebook ads and wants to ensure they improve their return on investment
  • is looking to sell Facebook marketing services to businesses
  • owns a small business
  • is a manager and needs to do more with less – ensuring their time, effort and money is well spent.
Course content
  • How to use organic marketing methods to get seen in the Facebook news feed
  • Optimising your Facebook business page to increase business inquiries
  • How to fuel word-of-mouth referrals and encourage testimonials
  • What makes a post interesting, engaging and shareable
  • Creating a simple schedule for Facebook posting and how to schedule these in advance
  • Using Facebook for customer service
  • Essential steps you must do before you spend a cent on Facebook advertising
  • How to plan and execute an effective Facebook advertising campaign
  • How to interpret Facebook ad results and how to save a campaign that’s bombing
  • How to migrate your Facebook fans onto your email list
  • Facebook Live video marketing why this is the biggest opportunity for small business marketing
  • Basic graphic design using free and low-cost technology and websites to create promotional images
  • Storylines and ideas: how to create stories and topics on Facebook that are designed to lead people towards purchasing
  • Systems, tools and short-cuts to use Facebook with laser-like focus so you’re not wasting time
  • Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy to achieve your goals and get real results

By the end of this Facebook Marketing Course Sydney Class, you will be able to:

  • prepare and implement a Facebook strategy for their business
  • schedule Facebook updates ahead
  • integrate Facebook into their overall marketing strategy
  • understand how to use Facebook marketing for business growth.

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If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • Karen said: Great content and tips to improve current use of Facebook. Would like option of a follow up or part 2.

  • Jodie said: Brook is incredibly charismatic and fun. The course was thorough and interesting. However I expected to learn more about Facebook Ads rather than 'posts' and other marketing strategies. So much to learn and difficult to fit it all into one day.

  • Shane said: There was a lot of information to take in on a one day course. In my opinion two half days...to let you go home and fiddle with what you had learned in the first half & able to work with that in the next day. It seemed to be rushed through & we didn’t really completed the last part of the course

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