DSLR videography for beginners


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DSLR videography for beginners

<p>Learn DSLR videography in Sydney.</p><p>Whether you want to shoot a feature film or capture video of your family, learn from a professional how to unlock the potential of your DSLR and transform it


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Course description

Learn DSLR videography in Sydney.

Whether you want to shoot a feature film or capture video of your family, learn from a professional how to unlock the potential of your DSLR and transform it into the moviemaking machine it was meant to be!

In this professional filmmaker course your tutor will cover the basics through to advanced operation: showing you the settings and the way to use DSLR to shoot feature films, commercials and of course family events such as birthdays, weddings and BBQs. Topics covered include camera setup, movement, lighting, audio and editing fundamentals.

Course content
  • Evolution of the video function in DSLR cameras to where it is today
  • Recommended camera practices/settings, including frame rates, shutter speed, iso, white balance, f stop, lens choice (primes vs zooms)
  • Lighting – an introduction to lighting and the different types of fixtures for different purposes in inside or outside locations. Students will also look at available light and how to use it to your advantage
  • Camera movement and camera coverage – learn different methods of moving the camera, such as, using a tripod and going handheld. Apply these skills to covering a scene, choosing the best type of shots to convey meaning and tell a story
  • Audio – an introduction to recording audio for your DSLR. You will be taken through recording into the camera as well as external audio recorders. In addition, different types of microphones will be explored from wireless lapel mics to shotgun mics

By the end of this course you will have learned how to:

  • understand the potential of their camera as a professional video capture device
  • know how to set up their camera optimally for video capture
  • have an understanding of how to move the camera, light a scenario and record basic audio
  • know how to import footage, edit that footage and then export for viewing
Equipment provided
  • Heavy duty tripod
  • Rode Wireless Lapel Microphones
  • Rode Shotgun Microphone
  • Rode NTG-2 Microphone
  • Boom Pole & Blimp
  • 3x Bi-colour light panels and stands
  • Zoom H5
Please bring to class
  • Your DLSR camera, tripod and any other accessories you may have
  • Hard Drive to store footage
  • A laptop and card reader would be advantageous but not necessary
  • Water and snacks
Student Feedback

“The tutor is kind, patient and very knowledgeable. As much as possible, he tried to make the course practical and relevant to each of us in the class.”

“The class helped teach me the basics I lacked and give me the confidence to head out and build my skills. Fantastic balance between theory and practical, Leo really wanted us to get a feel for what we were doing”

"The tutor was very patient with everyone in the class, and took the time to answer every question that was asked. The course was great and really enjoyed everything about it,
and inspired me to continue to study film at tafe. Definitely recommend doing the course if you want a introduction to DSLR videography."

“I liked the practical applications of the theory we learnt, in particular the shooting of the acting class scenes and the shooting of the Darling Harbour video. I thought he was a knowledgeable and a very good tutor. I felt like I learnt alot about videography especially as I did not know much nor had much experience with the subject prior to doing the course.”

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Please ensure that you have given a valid email and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or email.

Course testimonials:

  • Adrian said: I learnt photography class before but I finding that if you want to make videos, you have to take this course so you can understand how the same camera settings can apply differently in the context of film making.

  • Peter said: Thank you for the knowledge gained from the lessons that I attended, your teaching manner is very conducive to learning- I regret not being able to complete the course and missing the 3 lessons, however what I did learn from the lessons I attended is very useful

  • Mark said: This course was worth every cent. I went in with no understanding of imagery or filming, and left with complete confidence in my understanding and ability to execute basic videography. Our tutor, Leo, is extremely patient, experienced, and above all else, passionate about his craft. A true pleasure that I cannot recommend enough.