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Minecraft - How to code for Minecraft using Python


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Course description

How to code Minecraft.

Minecraft is the 3rd most popular game available today. Python is now one of the most popular first languages taught at school and University. You can learn to program using Python and get in on the fun of Minecraft. From child to adult, Minecraft fascinates the generations. Take your involvement to the next level and learn to interact with Minecraft from your own programs.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for everyone, even if you have never programmed before. We will start you from the beginning. Parents should try it so they can keep up with their children. Students should do it so they can ace their programming at school! Minecraft aficionados should do it to really ramp up their game strategies

Why Python is popular?

It brings back a bit of fun into programming; it is easily readable compared to older Object Oriented Languages; it is cross platform capable; it is an “open” language in supporting extensibility; it was designed to be simple to grasp but provide sophisticated capabilities that other languages require low level programming to achieve; it’s code is readable compared to some other terse and syntactically dense languages!


Session 1
1. Setting up Your Python Program and Minecraft Server;
2. Introduction to temporary data storage – AKA Variables;
3. Using Basic Maths to Move Around Your Minecraft World;
Session 2
4. Making Minecraft Messaging Work with Strings;
5. Decision Time to Make Your Program Think;
6. Making Mini-game Decisions Work for You;
Session 3
7. Your Program will Repeat Many Times – Here is How to Use While Loops;
8. Making Your own Custom Behaviours – Methods to Reuse Good Code;
9. Working with Minecraft Lists and Dictionaries;
Session 4.
10. More Repetition Control with “for” Loops;
11. Making your Construction Last with Files and Modules;
12.Introduction to Object Oriented Programming and the Minecraft Object World;
Session 5
Fun Minecraft Module Programming Projects;

Learning Outcomes

a. First Outcome
Student gains a comprehensive understanding and application of the fundamentals of programming languages, namely; statements, decision structures and repetition control
b. Second Outcome
Students are introduced to the fundamental pillars of Object Oriented Programming, namely; Object behaviour and state, sending messages, Class construction, Polymorphic actions
c. Third Outcome
Use design tools to plan their program – Design precedes programming for the best result
d. Third Outcome
Learn Minecraft!
Facilities and Equipment
1. Special facilities and any equipment that will need to be supplied by the college.
The software can be used on either Apple or Windows computers however, this course has been written from a Windows point of view. Students could bring their own laptop and use that in place of college computers.
Apart from the student having to purchase a license (AU$35) to download and use Minecraft the other elements of software are all free and easily obtainable via download (will be provided in Session 1).
Course notes are comprehensive and provided by instructor in PDF form.