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Learn to Code - HTML5 and CSS3


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Course description

Learn to create webpages using HTML5 and CSS. In this Sydney face-to-face classes you will learn how to grab the HTML bull by its TAGs and make your web pages work. Hypertext Markup Language is still the most used way of setting up webpages. Whether you want to develop a site for personal use or present your organisation to the World. Now at HTML5 and coupled with Cascading Style Sheet V3 a first time developer needs to understand the basics before moving onto a WYSIWYG program such as Adobe Dreamweaver or a programming environment such as Eclipse.

Good layout design and coding practices make this course essential to the beginner web page developer.

Course outline

Session 1
What Makes a Website Work?
First webpage for a wesite
HTML Code is rendered by your broswer – You have to get it right!

Session 2
The essential Tags from the document model
Site Visuals in CSS3
Navigation Essentials – Menu

Session 3
Understanding Selectors in CSS
Forms in HTML5
Differences Between div and span

Session 4
Form Extras
Multi-Column Layout

Session 5
Introducing Graphics And Sound To Your Page
Where to Next With HTML5?

Learning outcomes.

By the end of this course it is intended that students will:

  1. Understand the layout of an HTML web page;
  2. Understand the Document Object Model;
  3. Be able to integrate different data (sound/graphics) into a page.

This course has been written from a Windows point of view as that is still the dominant system used in commerce/business. Students are asked to bring their own laptops. The elements of software required are all free and easily obtainable via download. Course notes are comprehensive and provided by instructor in PDF form.