Adobe Premiere Pro - Learn Video Editing


$399 Limited GST free / $319.20 / $359.10
Adobe Premiere Pro - Learn Video Editing

<p>Learn adobe premiere pro course in Sydney.</p><p>This <a href="/courses/Arts/film-video-courses-classes-sydney">Adobe Premiere Pro Class</a> will provide the aspiring editor with a knowledge of the

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$399 Limited GST free / $319.20 / $359.10
Adobe Premiere Pro - Learn Video Editing

<p>Learn adobe premiere pro course in Sydney.</p><p>This <a href="/courses/Arts/film-video-courses-classes-sydney">Adobe Premiere Pro Class</a> will provide the aspiring editor with a knowledge of the

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Course description

Learn adobe premiere pro course in Sydney.

This Adobe Premiere Pro Class will provide the aspiring editor with a knowledge of the basic features of Premiere Pro. Students will create their own edits from scratch, learning to arrange edits with effects, titles, music as well as editing successfully for different audiences. Students will be encouraged to bring their own flair to edits, starting with simple tasks and moving up into more complex operations so they can utilise the wide range of features Premiere Pro offers. We will cater our teaching to whichever purpose you might need, whether that be promotional video, film, education or just for fun.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Learn with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, a revolutionary approach to delivery of cost effective high-end graphic design, audio and video creation. Used all throughout the world and now widely considered an industry standard, Adobe products are now accessible at an entry level. Adobe have refined their programs over years of professional and amateur use and now offer programs including Premiere Pro to be purchased on a subscription service and can also be downloaded as a free download trial from the Adobe website.

Please note: Course is 8 hours of contact time, Saturday courses are 9-5pm, and weeknight courses are 3 sessions of 3 hours, 3 hours and 2 hours respectively (with the option of an extra hour to suit students needs on the last night).

Course content
  • Introduction to Premiere Pro
  • Importing footage
  • Basic editing techniques & workflow
  • Working with effects & transitions
  • Motion & speed change
  • Audio editing & levels
  • Exporting
  • Project management

Participants of this course will learn how to:

  • set up a project file and workflows
  • edit sequences together coherently
  • add effects and extras to your project
  • export correctly for different media channels
  • adapt projects to specific audiences
Ideal for

This Adobe Premiere course will benefit anyone wanting to take a step up from free programs such as iMovie. It is also suitable for anyone who wants to learn editing for the first time. In this course, we will cater to filmmakers, home and amateur video enthusiasts as well as business owners looking to get creative with their advertising. Whether it be in-house training videos, professional looking YouTube videos or to add some flare to that wedding video, we will be able to expand your knowledge or build it from scratch. No prior knowledge of editing or Premiere Pro is needed to attend the course, we will begin with the most simple of operations and move to utilising Premiere Pro’s more complex features.

Course tasks & projects
  • Basic editing arrangement exercise
  • Audio editing & syncing exercise
  • Dramatic editing project
  • Optional chroma key/green screen exercise
  • Personal project edit
  • Introduction to Adobe Creatvie Cloud
  • Organising the directory/scratch folder
  • Introduction to effective editing, pacing & structure
  • Starting a new project
  • Understanding projects, sequences and clips & bins
  • The source, program, project and sequence panels
  • Supplementary panels (effects controls, audio, metadata, media browser, effects and history panels)
  • The tools panel and the audio meters
  • Editing terminology
  • Formats, codecs and video standards overview pixel aspect ratios
  • Shortcuts & tools
The premiere interface
  • Shortcuts & tools
  • Using workspaces in Adobe Premiere
  • The source, program, project and sequence panels
  • Timelines & layers
  • Supplementary panels (effects controls, audio, metadata, media browser, effects and history panels)
Editing in the timeline
  • Creating a new sequence using your clips settings
  • Rearranging clips in the timeline
  • Previewing your clips in the Source Panel
  • Techniques for placing clips onto the timeline
  • Editing in and out points
  • Copying and pasting clips
  • Cutting, trimming and moving clips on the timeline
  • Snapping to other items on the timeline
  • Markers & Edit Points
  • Trim Window
  • Understanding tracks and using track select
  • Ripple and roll edits
  • Using the razor blade
  • Viewing a waveform and editing audio
  • Grouping Clips
  • Adding titles & text
  • Lower third text
  • Motioned text
  • Creating shapes
  • Adding logo’s and images
Audio editing
  • Peaking & clipping
  • Setting correct audio levels
  • Using the Audio Mixer
  • Syncing audio using markers
  • Automating volume levels with keyframes
  • Recording voice-overs
  • Audio clips, tracks and Audio Mixer
  • Basic audio effects and transitions
  • Opacity & blending
Motion control & speed control
  • Modifying clip speed
  • Vary speed
  • Reverse speed
  • In-depth motion controls
  • Using keyframes & animation
  • Controlling multiple clips and nesting
  • The motion parameters
Using Video Effects to refine your project
  • Adding transitions
  • Applying effects
  • Effects control panel
  • Frequently used effects
  • Fixing exposure, saturation
  • Adding stylised effects & filters
  • Rendering
  • Saving and re-using effects
  • Basic colour correction using Fast Colour Corrector
Exporting your project
  • Understanding formats and presets
  • Exporting to the web
  • Using MPEG Streamclip
  • Using Adobe Media Encoder
Project management
  • Copying your project to a new location
  • Creating a trimmed project, deleting unused clips
  • Re-linking files
  • Archiving
  • Backing up
Please bring to each class
  • Headphones
  • Notepad and paper or a tablet
  • A hard drive for taking home finished edits if you choose to
Student Feedback

"He was engaging, knew the software well."

"Marcus was a great teacher. He was able to simplify the video editing process and provided lots a greats tips for using Adobe Premiere Pro. I feel like I learnt a lot during the course."

"Excellent. Great, clear instructions, good examples and practical knowledge communicated throughout the course. Three concise weeks full of interesting information. Left the
course with the tools required to complete the work that I want."

"Excellent. Great tutor. Convenient location. Brand new computers."

"The course was well planned and was taught at the right pace. Learnt a lot in one day! Excellent teacher."

"Awesome computers. Convenient location."

"He was very knowledgeable in this field and was patient with those who struggled with the program."

"He knew the material and was great at showing all different types of people the steps from beginners to advanced people. Great teacher, the material was good enough to cover all
levels of experience and the task at the end allowed for further advanced training to occur. The teacher is very patient. Very knowledgeable!"

"We covered a lot and he gave individual help where he could."

"The professor was awesome, super clear and encouraging! I learned so much about the program and now feel confident using it. He was a very engaging and patient tutor. He also didn’t
try and tell us how to portray the trailer that we were putting it together but allowed us to put our own spin on it. He also made sure that everyone was on the same page before moving forward to the next step. Some of the issues we had were probably quite trivial but he still assisted the group as if he was dealing with it for the first time. "

Please bring to class
  • Hard Drive to store footage
  • Note pad and pen or tablet to take notes
  • Water and snacks
Other information
  • This is a crash course in Adobe Premiere Pro, there is a lot to fill in the two days and the course facilitator will aim to fit as much in as possible but some of the above might not be covered in time. If you have a specific aspect of the program you were keen to learn then please let the tutor know.
  • This course runs in our computer lab, which has 12 big screen MAC computers, all installed with updated Adobe Creative Cloud programs. We do NOT teach this program on the Windows system we only teach on our own high grade Macintosh computers.

Avoid disappointment. Enrol early.

Please ensure that you have given a valid email and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or email.

Course testimonials:

  • Eva said: I learnt what makes Adobe Premiere Pro one of the leading video editing programs on the market - it is a user-friendly, highly useful program and I'm going to be getting a lot of value out of using it in my work!

  • Erisana said: I learned a lot during the two days. The teacher was very friendly and his explanations made adobe premiere pro seem very easy. I also loved the real context tasks we had to do. Being able to edit a trailer and edit a 1'30 video clip were great experiences.

  • Patrycja said: The course as such was very well designed. It was a right pace for me, and Marcus's explanations and patience were admirable. I have learnt a lot and I feel much more confident now in using the program as well as in finding more information if I'm stuck.