Adobe After Effects for Motion Graphics


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Adobe After Effects for Motion Graphics

<p><b>Learn Adobe After Effects in Sydney. </b></p><p>Discover how to add Zap, Wham, Bam and Pow to your videos and presentations! Develop animated logos for your business. Create a whole new world

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Course description

Learn Adobe After Effects in Sydney.

Discover how to add Zap, Wham, Bam and Pow to your videos and presentations! Develop animated logos for your business. Create a whole new world without drawing! Learn how to use multiple image layers for a seamless result. Take your videos to the next level with motion text and graphics.

What you produce at this course would previously have taken a small army of animators, camera operators and lab technicians months to create. But with After Effects you can produce motion graphics and post-production from your desktop to add professional polish to your video, film or presentation.

You will leave this course inspired and ready to add special effects to your projects!

The Foundations of AAE cover:

Your First Two Fast & Furious MGX Animations cover:

  • Using Multiple Assets
  • Layer Operations
  • Applying Visual Effects
  • Introducung Spatial Motion
  • More About Your After Effects Interface
  • Best Practice When Creating Shapes
  • How to Create, Format and Edit Text
  • Best Practice for Working with Layers and keyframes
  • Creating a Full Motion Graphics Video

| Part 1: Design &Layout
| Part 2: Animating – Creating a Full Motion Graphics Video
| Part 3 Polish Timing Layer’s – Creating a Full Motion Graphics Video, Render AAE Comp to Video Playback Format (Rendering)

  • Masking
  • Masking with Shape Layers
  • Using Masks on Text Layers
  • Custom Shapes Using Solid Layers and Masks
  • Animating Track Matte – Alternate Text Reveal
  • Pre-Comps Animation Methods
| Animation Using Pre-Comps
  • Motion Path manipulations
  • Using the Graph Editor
  • Understanding Interpolation Types
| Roving keyframes | Using Keyframe properties Ease In/Out | Creating Newton Type Movement
  • Importing Stills – Transform Techniques
  • Importing Videos – Timeline Techniques
  • More on Masks and Mattes

| Masks and Track Matte on Images
| Applying Masks and Track Matte on Videos

  • The Source Text Property
  • Text Animation to a Path – Properties and Techniques
  • Transforming Masks & Paths into a Keyframed Motion Paths
  • The Trim Path – Overview and Practice
  • Using the Layer’s Parent Method
  • The Null Object & Grouping Layers' Animation
  • What Are Presets – Animations in a can!
  • How to Use the Animate IN and Animate OUT Text Presets
  • How to Use 3D Presets
  • Effective Blur Presets

| Transform your Animation with Blur

  • Shape Layers – Under the Hood
| Creating Complex Shapes | Fill & Stroke Manipulation | Creating Compound Shapes | Using the Wiggle Path Property – Best Practice | Using the Wiggle Transform Property | The Repeater Property – How It Works | Creating Burst Elements | Creating Bezier Shapes | Combining Repeaters and Trim Path
  • The Stroke Effect
  • Creating Per Character Animation
  • Animator Properties Combined
  • Ramp Up/Down Text Animation
  • 3D Per Character Animation
  • Grouping Alignment and Animator’s Anchor Point
  • Wigglying Characters
Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Use After Effects efficiently and effectively
  • Plan and execute special effects tasks
  • Integrate special effects into video production.
Please bring to class
  • USB stick for storing your data (min 32GB) or a hard drive (min 500GB)
  • Pen and paper or device to take notes
  • Your own footage for adding motion graphics
  • Note: You may also bring your own laptop with Adobe After Effects installed.

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Course testimonials:

  • Usuff said: The Adobe AfterEffects software is notoriously complicated, thankfully the tutor is exceedingly thorough and patient in his steps to help us master it. Instructions were clear, color handouts were voluminous and comprehensive, classroom facilities great. At age 63, was thrilled I kept up (most of the time) with the young ones!

  • Erisana said: I learned a lot! The teacher provided step-by-step notes, answered our questions, offered tips and supported us individually when necessary. He was always very attentious and kind.