Woodwork: Intermediate Course

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Learn how to build your own wood side table, with this woodwork course in Sydney.

This woodwork course is a follow up to the Woodwork for Beginners course. Continuing with the principles learned in the Beginners course (working with reused materials using tools and equipment you’re likely to have at home, or can buy cheaply or secondhand) the students are guided through the process of building a small side table, utilizing several traditional joinery techniques. Through the course, you will obtain a deeper understanding of the skills and practices of woodworking as well as a wide range of different techniques.

At the end of this course, you will have some great new knowledge and skills to take home with your completed side table project.

Course outcomes

By the end of the course, the student will have

  • learned how to use woodworking tools safely
  • learned to identify and use selected electric machines safely
  • learned how to cut and fit traditional joints
  • knowledge of wood movement
  • gained skills in planning, reading plans, and developing a cutting list
  • made a side table

Ideal for

Those with some working knowledge of woodworking (preferably those who have undertaken the Woodwork for Beginners course).

Course content

  • General safety in the workshop
  • Understanding and acquiring second-hand timber
  • Working accurately to a plan
  • How to precisely cut and fit a number of joints
  • Using chisels, hand saws, hammers, drills, and drivers
  • Safely using power saws and electric routers
  • Using sandpaper and sanders
  • Understanding and working with wood movement
  • Basics or finishes for wood projects

Materials provided

Tools and materials are provided, however, students are welcome to bring their own tools – old and new – and learn how to use and maintain them.

Please bring to class

  • Any old chisels or hand planes you would like to restore and sharpen
  • Any paints or finishes you would like to use
  • Your own tools you would like to use

Your own COVID-19 PPE kit comprising of

  • a pharmaceutical mask
  • glasses or googles
  • earmuffs or earplugs

Please note, in case you don’t have the time to buy it you can purchase a kit from the Bower for $20.


The Bower Reuse & Repair Centre Workshop
107 Redfern Street, Redfern
(Entry via Turner Street (opposite of 23 Turner Street) from the rear of building)

Entrance to the Bower workshop
The entrance to the Bower workshop is via Turner Street, which is at the rear of 107 Redfern Street and is almost opposite no. 25. You should find there a hand-painted sign “The Bower Woodworks”. If you do find the door locked, please do not hesitate to press the doorbell on the left-hand side of the garage door. Please note, the doors for the venue will be open from 5:30 pm.

Transportation and Parking
Public transport would be the easiest way to get to the workshop space. The space is located very close to Redfern Train Station, a local transport hub.

The majority of the parking is 2-hour-timed (including some paid parking on Redfern St) though it clicks over to untimed at 8 pm, a good option if you can find a park there before 6 pm.
The untimed parking is available on Pitt St between Phillip and Wellington St. Turn right from Turner St and head down Pitt St two-block, untimed parking is on your right.

Other information

  • Please ensure you will be able to attend all sessions of the course. If you miss one or more sessions, it will become quite difficult to catch up and learn the skills safely.
  • Please don’t wear your best clothing
  • If you have long hair, please tie it back
  • Wear closed-in shoes
  • No jewellery is to be worn in the workshop


Woodwork: Intermediate Course

<p><strong><a href="https://www.sydneycommunitycollege.edu.au/courses/lifestyle-classes-house-and-garden-sydney/House-Renovation-Garden-Design">Learn</a> how to build your own wood side table, with

$499 Limited inc GST / $399.20 / $449.10

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If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • said: Amazing course made special but the tutor! Really cared about the course, content and helped make it great

  • said: Needs to be a 10 week course. Luke was excellent, very flexible and obviously knows what he's doing, takes time to explain things until it clicks. Overall, very good!

  • said: Luke was a great teacher who can span all different level of skills and confidence. He managed to move across the group keeping everyone progressing, helping when he should and challenging everyone to learn and develop their skills. Impressive!

  • said: After doing the Beginners course this one was a great expansion on skills and technique. The project is more ambitious and rewarding.

  • said: Another excellent course, Luke is a great tutor and everyone learnt so much from him on this course.

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