Dance Classes - Wedding Dance

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Course description

Dance classes - wedding dance lessons in Sydney.

No funny home videos here! Make your perfect day “perfecter” when you glide onto the dance floor with confidence. Bring your bride, groom – or whole wedding party – to have some fun and learn how to dance with style, rhythm, and everyone’s toes intact.

Your partner, your bridal party, parents and friends will learn to dance the Bridal Waltz in this easy four week step-by-step course. We even ask you to bring along your music of choice and play it throughout the lessons, along with song choices from the other couples.

All genders welcome!

Course content

During this four week course the intention is to teach couples a short, easy routine. We will show you how to do the basic waltz, teach you how to lead and the all-important rhythm and timing so you’ll be in sync with your partner.

Week one

  • Rhythm, posture and frame
  • How to make your entrance
  • Box step and inside turn

Week two

  • Turning the box step
  • Promenade into chasse
  • Connection with your partner

Week three

  • Two dip variations
  • Spanish Arm variation
  • How to finish your dance
  • We start to put a routine together and show you an easy dip

Week four

  • Whisk and Weave
  • Move the Box – step off the mark
  • Changing directions around the floor
  • End the routine
Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • learn the basic steps and rhythms
  • learn to dance with your partner
  • complete a short waltz routine.
Other information

Be sure to dress in comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes with smooth soles that enable you to move around the floor without sticking. We ask the ladies to wear flat shoes during classes and to practice in heels at home.

Before the class – please organise:
  • a CD to bring to class with your song choice so that you may practice right away to your own music.

(Note: We shall use several pieces of music including students' song choices during the four week course.)

While the Bridal Waltz dance class is low impact, it is your responsibility to tell the tutor if you have any physical or health-related impairment that may affect your safety.

Our Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) is a self-screening tool that should be used by anyone planning to increase their physical activity. Designed to help you help yourself, it is a sensible first step if you are planning to increase your physical activity by enrolling in this course. Click here for our PAR-Q.

Please arrive in time for the start of each class, or the tutor may refuse to admit you into the session. Most active classes start with an OH&S briefing and/or warm up. To miss this may create a hazard to you and could exclude you from participation for the session.

Avoid disappointment. Enrol early.

Please ensure that you have given a valid email and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or email.

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

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