Mindfully Fit - Train Your Body, Focus Your Mind

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Course description

Mindfully Fit Course in Sydney.

A fresh approach to getting fit and staying fit.

We all know exercise is good for you; mind and body. And there is no denying how much better you feel when you get into a good training routine. So why is it so hard to get out there and do it and keep on doing it?

Sydney Community College, together with personal trainer David Middleton and coach George Owen, have developed a course designed to address these issues and get you moving with a more positive and practical approach to exercise.

Ten big ideas

1. Exercise – it’s not just good for you – it makes you feel good
2. Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly – at first
3. Start with why – and keep going with – why am I doing this?
4. Reframe exercise as a way to feel happier
5. Use the Kaizen principle- small steady increments for making progress
6. Do less to achieve more
7. Celebrate success
8. Identify and eliminate obstacles to maintaining your program
9. Throw away your to do list and substitute a not to do list
10. Do it your way

What is the program?

The programme has been created for people wanting to improve their fitness, increase energy, reduce stress and generally feel calmer and happier. It brings together an experience of personal training and psychological strategies for maintaining focus and staying on track for success.

You will learn how to:

  • muster up motivation for exercise
  • increase energy instantly
  • reduce stress and increase calmness
  • take small incremental steps to achieve goals
  • exercise when you don’t feel like it
  • maintain a positive mood consistently
  • identify and overcome obstacles to progress
How does it work?

Each session starts in the classroom as George guides you through psychological strategies and practices that address the barriers we create toward exercise. The group is then lead in an hour-long physical training session by David returning to the classroom for a short de-brief and warm down with both George and David.

Using a number of methods including interval training, basic body movements and Tabata training, personal trainer David will guide you as you work toward achieving:

  • improved strength
  • cardiovascular endurance
  • an understanding of cardiovascular systems
  • improved flexibility
  • increased energy
  • feeling revitalized

By bringing together psychological and physical fitness strategies participants will learn how to use the power of the brain’s neuroplasticity for optimal living. The latest research from neuroscience and psychology has shown that we can feel calmer, more confident and enjoy life more by working with the brain’s ability to make new behaviours “stick.”

This Mindfully Fit Class utilises insights from NLP, mindfulness and cognitive behaviour therapy: a powerful group of strategies that can be used to tap into the process of neuroplasticity and alter unhelpful patterns of behaviour and install effective strategies for success.

Participants will learn how to:

  • feel calmer and centred instantly with portable mindful practices
  • identify patterns of behaviours, including thoughts, emotions and actions by becoming self-observing
  • install positive mental patterns and program the mind for success
  • identify and amplify strengths and inner resources for achieving outcomes
  • release energy for exercise by eliminating energy draining patterns of thoughts and emotions
  • stay on track with exercise, optimism and confidence
Important information

Please wear the correct clothing:

  • Jogging pants or similar
  • Light layered tops to suit weather conditions
  • Footwear – trainers or similar
  • Hat

Please bring to class:

  • Water container
Further Information

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