Silver Jewellery Making from Home: Beginners Level 2

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Interactive Online Beginners Level 2 Silver Jewellery Making course other Silver Jewellery Courses in Sydney.

This Jewellery course is for you if you who have completed the Online Beginners Level 1 course or are familiar with using a jewellery saw and file and would like to continue your jewellery making journey. All you need for this class is a table to work at, nothing fancy (no soldering needed).

In this class, you will be working on a chosen project such as a pendant, brooch or necklace to improve your design skills as well as saw piercing and cold joining skills.

The project involves creating a mood board to express your creativity. You will look at jewellery examples and materials that are inspiring and help you to make the project your own.

With practical design exercises, you will be able to create a jewellery piece that may include stone, found object, acrylic sheet or think plywood that you would be able to cut in size with a jeweller’s saw.

The aim of this class is to expand your knowledge of jewellery designers, improve your jewellery technical skills and to learn more about jewellery tools and the materials used in the jewellery studio.

The result: You will be able to make your own silver masterpiece in the comfort of your own home.

Please note:

  • This class is offered as an online class only using the zoom platform!

Ideal for

  • beginner students who are familiar with using a jewellery saw and file.
  • students that have completed our Online Beginners Level 1 course

Course content

  • Introduction to jewellery – improve your jewellery bench skills
  • Get Guidance on the Jewellery Tools you need to set up and make Jewellery from Home
  • Discuss Metal suppliers
  • Continue to learn about jewellery designers and makers
  • Improve your saw piercing skills and cold joining techniques
  • Improve your design skills
  • Improve your finishing skills and learn to use non-toxic substances to colour treat metal.


You are welcome to discuss materials with your teacher, example in the Beginners course we used copper and brass sheet – in this class you might like to work with sterling silver.

Please email the tutor with any questions and our teacher will assist via email.

  • File – half round or flat – e.g. Hart 150mm Warding Bastard Cut File from Bunnings
  • Wet and Dry Sandpaper one of each grade: 1200, 800 400, 200

As you have completed Online Beginners Level 1 course, you will already have been sent a basic jewellery kit. \
If you have used all of the metal in your kit, additional supplies can be purchased from suppliers including

  • A+E Metal Merchants,
  • Australian Jewellery Supplies,
  • Twin Plaza and
  • Koodak.

Please be prepared

  • Apron to protect your clothes
  • Pen and notepad to take notes

Other information

  • Long hair must be tied back
  • This online jewellery course is limited to 6 places which enables the tutor to give each student plenty of one-to-one guidance and instruction

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • said: Susanna is a lovely teacher & has so much knowledge which she is willing to share.

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