Stoic Philosophy in Practice: Responding to Pandemics

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Learn stoic philosophy in practice: responding to pandemics

Intended outcomes.

By the end of this interactive online course, participants will have learned:

  • reflect on a historical occasion of pandemic and recognise ways Stoicism has reversed catastrophe;
  • identify the key aspects of Stoicism that help us show leadership and courage;
  • recognise togetherness and the Stoic imperative of any positive outcome or grand planning.
Course outline.

This course modifies the content of Stoic Philosophy for the Modern Mind to put philosophy into practice. It looks specifically at the idea of a ‘pandemic’ (such as the Coronavirus) and how Stoic Philosophy has historically approached these crises. With consideration of the Antonine Plague of 165 – 190 A.D. it analyses ways in which Stoic principles such as positivity, tranquillity and action equip us with essential and empowering control points.

During this course, learners will discover the ways in which the practices and values of Stoics can help us show leadership in the midst of turmoil. The course will be informed by the writings of Zeno of Citium (3rd century BC), Seneca the Younger (4 BC-65 AD), Epictetus (55 – 135 AD) and Marcus Aurelius. (121-180 AD).

Session 1: How the ancient practice of Stoicism can be utilised to overcome times of acute crisis
Session 2: Using Stoicism to strengthen your capacity to show leadership
Session 3: Considering Stoicism in light of ‘why’ it is helpful to society

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • said: Relevance and Friendly online atmosphere.

  • said: I've attended face-to-face courses previously which were good. But this course was difficult, content, trainer, technology, all could be improved. The course title inferred theory and discussion related to current pandemic situation and how to deal with this but it barely touched on it. Instead of playing sessions of the trainer reading, just read it now; aim at providing summary notes before and after each class, learn how to use the technology or have a tech assistant on speed dial. There were constant noise interruptions throughout. After pushing myself through the first two sessions I just couldn't face the idea of the third one. If this was a paid course I would definitely have been very upset. But am thankful to SCC for making the course available to us.

  • said: The tutor needs to learn how to use the mute function properly.

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