Nutrition Course: Plant-based & Mindful Eating

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Learn the science of plant-based foods with our Lifestyle courses in Sydney.

Thinking of going vegan? Cooking for a family member and wondering if they’re getting the nutrients they need? Or maybe you’re just ready to know more about the future of sustainable eating and mind-body vitality.

The idea of a more plant-based way of eating is gaining momentum for health, environmental and ethical reasons. But you may be thinking, how healthy is it? How can I make my meals sustainable, enjoyable and tasty? Can I get what I need from plant-based foods without taking supplements? And how can I make plant-based eating work for my body’s unique needs?

This comprehensive three-week course will answer all of this and more, as vegan and plant-based Nutritionist Amber Sewell-Green gives you the evidence founded knowledge and practical tools to make plant-based eating a breeze.

You’ll get loads of information, a cooking demo and tasting, plus practical skills to recognise and act on your body’s appetite cues.

The interactive live online course will be delivered via Zoom with a small class group. It is a modified version of the content below and does not include the cooking demonstration.

Ideal for

This course is perfect for anyone wanting to transition to a more plant-based way of eating or looking to fine-tune and enhance their current eating practices and relationship with food.

Course content

Week 1: Plant-based eating fundamentals

Navigating that mountain of info can be confusing, so Amber’s done the hard work for you:

  • what scientific literature says about plant-based eating and "blue zones"
  • what foods to eat, how much and when so your body has what it needs to thrive.
  • daily checklists and meal planning equations to take home

Week 2: “Tricky” nutrients and tips to power up meals

A deeper dive into some of the trickier nutrients your body needs, as we discuss:

  • myth-busting on protein
  • what’s the deal with vitamin B12?
  • how you can unlock iron from plant foods

Then we heat things up in the kitchen, as Amber shows how to use seaweed and nutritional yeast to naturally power up your meals with extra goodness.

You will learn how to make your own vegan ‘parmesan’, a ‘cheesy’ nacho sauce and a seaweed salad.

Week 3: Recognising appetite cues and mindful eating

We move beyond the body to the mind, as you learn how to eat mindfully and recognise your own unique appetite cues:

  • the core principles of mindful and intuitive eating
  • two short, guided mindful eating meditations to put theory into practice

Learn how to free yourself from food rules and calorie counting to tune in and trust your body’s hunger and fullness cues – to start and stop eating in sync with your energy needs.

Please come prepared

  • As this is an evening class, please aim to have eaten before the class for optimum brain function. Fresh fruit will be available in the break.
  • Please download the course notes onto a laptop, tablet or phone for use in class. You will receive a link after enrolment.
  • Please bring Week 1: Notebook or laptop/tablet to take notes
  • Please bring Week 2: Two small food containers for any leftovers
  • Please bring Week 3: A small cushion and blanket (or warm clothing)

Note: This course offers a space of encouragement, nurturing and positivity to move towards or fine-tune plant-based eating habits. You do not need to be 100% vegan or vegetarian to participate. All views are given respectfully are welcomed and accepted.

Accessibility: Please note there is no level access to the room for this class. Access is via approx. 20 steps.

Avoid disappointment – enrol early

Please ensure you have given a valid e-mail address and mobile number.


Nutrition Course: Plant-based & Mindful Eating

<p><strong>Learn the science of plant-based foods with our <a href="">Lifestyle courses</a> in Sydney.</strong></p><p>Thinking of going vegan

$129 Limited inc GST / $103.20 / $116.10
This class will be offered live online via Zoom. It is a modified version of the content described above.

If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • said: The tutor was very good and the content extremely interesting. Thank you.

  • said: I really enjoyed this course, in particular the practical applications and recipe suggestions. Amber was a clear and enthusiastic presenter.

  • said: Having the course via Zoom was a plus for me because of where I live... The course provided useful information that will benefit myself and family. Amber was knowledgeable and inclusive.

  • said: 5 stars!

  • said: Great course. I got more out of the course than I was expecting. I had so much information and the tutor was very thorough with the subject

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