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Art of Happiness

<p>Learn the art of happiness and <b><a href="/courses/sport-and-fitness-classes-sydney/Yoga-Pilates-Meditation-Tai-Chi-Rozelle">energy balance</a></b> in Sydney.</p><p>Happiness can be an elusive


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Course description

Learn the art of happiness and energy balance in Sydney.

Happiness can be an elusive idea. We only seem to yearn for it when we’re out of balance.

So often we don’t notice when we are happy, and it is only in hindsight that we realise we might be off kilter or out of balance. However, we certainly know when we are unhappy. While there are countless ways that happiness can be experienced, such as experiencing pleasant sensations, living a life that is in flow, having abundance, feeling vital, confident and healthy.

Of course for most of us there are times of unavoidable stress, loss, or sadness. These difficult times present the challenge of coping with distress in a way that promotes growth, self-love and empathy, and eventually arriving at a place where we are ready to take on new ways of being and of feeling happy again.

Happiness is a complex, subjective emotion and although we experience it in our own unique way, it has been demonstrated that there are effective ways to lift mood, boost confidence, manage stress, communicate clearly and increase happiness on a day to day basis.

Based on research from Contemporary Psychology and “Sociology”, The Art of Happiness course offers participants an opportunity to explore ideas, insights, skills and strategies that offer a pathway to a more consistently happier life by understanding how our energy centres function.

If we can understand our energy, then we can utilise simple yet effective techniques to transform any feelings of imbalance.

Course content
  • What is happiness? Do I need more balance?
  • Am I born with this energy? Can I change it?
  • The link between happiness, meaning and purpose
  • Clear Communication and using personal strengths for more happiness
  • Fun, pleasure and humour are serious matters!
  • Flow: creativity, engagement and absorption
  • The Confidence Factor
  • Why self-compassion and gratitude are hot topics in happiness theory
  • Social Relationships, balance and happiness
  • Being open to new possibilities

The Art of Happiness course is a state-of-the-art program that offers serious strategies and insights for living a happier life but ... warning ... while the course has serious content, people should be prepared to have a lot of fun!!

Patty’s method of teaching is much like her personality in that it is casual in its presentation, reverent in its depth of knowledge and compassionate during poses that require slightly longer holds. She is meticulous in her choice of gentle yoga sequences and music so that she can be free to expand on the the intricacies of each week’s topic

You are encouraged to bring a yoga mat as Patty will guide you through kundalini yoga postures, powerful breath work and transformative meditations.The practice is done with your eyes closed and at your own pace so you can energise your vital organs & boosting your immunity. Each class will help you feel, motivated, empowered and revitalised and will end with a rest to help you integrate each week’s subtle shift.


This course can help you if you want to:

  • explore perspectives on happiness and energy balance
  • boost your happiness level
  • live more authentically
  • experience less stress
  • boost your confidence
  • feel more engaged with others
  • be more creative
  • make happier choices
  • communicate more clearly
Please bring to each class
  • Yoga mat
  • Cushion
  • Small blanket
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks or some food for yourself
  • Notepad or tablet to take notes

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Please ensure that you have given a valid email and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or email.

Course testimonials:

  • Catherine said: The group were all lovely people and Patty, our teacher, is a beautiful soul. She is so gentle and calm - no good or bad, no right or wrong! It was a wonderfully welcoming environment and I was feeling very vulnerable when I started, but ended with new friends.

  • David said: 5 stars!

  • Paul said: Good content Teacher knowledgeable 5 stars!