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Art of Happiness

<p>Learn the art of happiness in Sydney.</p><p>Happiness is an elusive idea. </p><p>So often we don’t notice when we are happy and it is only in retrospect that we realise we were indeed happy.


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Course description

Learn the art of happiness in Sydney.

Happiness is an elusive idea.

So often we don’t notice when we are happy and it is only in retrospect that we realise we were indeed happy. However, we certainly know when we are unhappy. While there are countless ways that happiness can be experienced, clearly it is a pleasant feeling: a warm sense of contentment, high mood or a sense of well-being.

Of course for most of us there are times of unavoidable stress, loss, or sadness causing suffering and disruption.

These difficult times present the challenge of coping with distress and eventually arriving at a place where we are ready to take on new ways of feeling happy again.

Happiness is a complex, subjective emotion and although we experience it in our own unique way, it has been demonstrated that there are effective ways to lift mood, boost optimism, reduce stress and increase happiness on a day to day basis.

Based on research from Contemporary Psychology and Sociology, The Art of Happiness course offers participants an opportunity to explore ideas, insights, skills and strategies that offer a pathway to a more consistently happier life.

Course content

Our Agenda covers the following topics over 4 × 2 hour workshops:

  • What is happiness? Do I need more happiness?
  • The link between happiness, meaning and purpose
  • Self-expression and using personal strengths for more happiness
  • Fun, pleasure and humour are serious matters!
  • Flow: creativity, engagement and absorption
  • The Confidence Factor
  • Why self-compassion, gratitude & mindfulness are hot topics in happiness theory
  • Social Relationships and happiness
  • Being open to new possibilities

The Art of Happiness course is a state-of-the-art program that offers serious strategies and insights for living a happier life but ... warning ... while the course has serious content, people should be prepared to have a lot of fun!!


This course can help you if you want to:

  • explore perspectives on happiness
  • boost your happiness level
  • live more authentically
  • experience less stress
  • feel more engaged with others
  • be more creative
  • make happier choices
About your tutor

George Owen (M.A., Dip; CH,Strat Psych. MP; NLP), is a coach and therapist who loves training! Originally from Ireland, an Australian citizen for almost 20 years has been a university lecturer, trainer and therapist.

George brings a broad range of behavioural science skills to his latest work. “Work”, is however, NOT a feature of the courses he teaches! Fun can be a greater aid to learning than effort or challenge!

In supporting individuals become clear of obstacles, find joy, happiness, and purpose is underscored by a sense of fun and appreciation of the uniqueness of each individual. No assessments, No undue complications are features of all of George’s professional endeavours.

George says:
"I really enjoy the uniqueness of every person and not just their potential for happiness and purpose, but entitlement to these."

The simplest ideas, such as “happiness”, or even “purpose” contain considerable and even amusing complexities, and an attitude of curiosity and play are powerful tools to enjoy exploration in any learning activity.

Student Feedback

"The tutor was very knowledgeable and kept the class very interested."

"I learnt some helpful techniques to enhance my happiness."

"Was a very useful, practical and enjoyable course. George allowed the class to contribute and used many examples from his experiences."

"Excellent. Very interesting subject taught in a fun way."

"George has provided us with useful life tools and I think he goes beyond expectations for the class. George is a fantastic lecturer. He made the course light and fun and engaged the group each class."

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