Rooftop Kundalini Yoga

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Course description

Kundalini Yoga class in Sydney.

These are mixed level drop-in classes for anyone of any fitness level who has taken a Yoga for Beginners equivalent, or who has practiced yoga before.

You’ll explore new poses, learn new techniques, improve your alignment and flexibility and continue to tone and strengthen your body.

Enjoy the ongoing benefits of calmness, reduced muscular tention, restful sleep and the increased ability to experience joy in your everyday life.

Small group classes allow individualised attention from the tutor.

This class involves the practice of yoga postures, yogic breathing techniques, connection between body movement and breathing, meditation, chanting and deep relaxation with an internationally certified yoga teacher.

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® uses asana (postures), meditation, mantra, mudra (hand guestures) and breath techniques arranged in traditional grouped excercises. The "Kundalini"

energy is the creative potential that exists within each of us, when it is freed we merge with – or “yoke” – the universal Self. Kundalini Yoga is also known as the Yoga of Awareness; it focuses on

self-awareness and delivering an experience of your highest consciousness.

For more information on your tutor, please click on their name in the course above.

For hygeine purposes please BYO yoga mat.

  • have fun!
  • recognise and be able to attempt more advanced yoga postures and breathing techniques
  • be able to adapt their yoga technique within the limitations of their body and any injuries
  • feel more energized and flexible
  • have reduced muscle tension, a deeper concentration and healthier mind and body
Please bring to class
  • Wear comfortable clothing – yoga is practiced barefoot, please wear fitted, stretchy pants and Tshirt (loose clothes can get in the way!)
  • Bottle of drinking water
  • Towel
  • A small blanket for relaxation
  • Your own yoga mat. You can buy them online: Cheap option

Good quality, Eco friendly & Non slip option

Please note that yoga is best done on an empty stomach.

Rooftop Yoga!

In the warmer months yoga can be held on our large rooftop, which has a spectacular view of Rozelle rooftops, the Harbour Bridge and Sydney city skyline!

This will be negotiated with the class at the beginning of the course.

Please also make sure to bring the following incase this takes place (in addition to the list above)!

  • Please wear shoes that are easy to slip on / off as the roof can get hot and you want to wear them till youre on your mat!
  • Sunglasses and 30+ SPF sunscreen
  • A hat or scarf to drape over your face in savasana / relaxation
  • At sunset it cools down – please make sure to bring a jumper

Please be aware that Rooftop Yoga is only accessible via a narrow stairwell and you need to watch your step going up and down from the roof.

In the case of bad weather the classes will be moved back into the main hall downstairs.

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