Gardening - Introduction to Permaculture

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Course description

You know what they say: gardeners get the dirt on everything. Try this course for the low-down on gardening the natural way!

Permaculture is an Australian development by Bill Mollinson and David Holmgren. It is a combination of Permanent Agriculture and Permanent Culture, and this simple combination alone gives some meaning to the integral and connective nature that is permaculture.

In simple terms, Permaculture is an eco-dynamic design system that works with nature to create productive and regenerative landscapes. As a design system, the logic and flow work with anything from broad acre to small-scale backyards & balconies.

Above all, it gives you a real sense of WHY you are doing what you do.


The essence of Permaculture is its Ethics, Principles and design systems.

In this Gardening Class we will provide an overview and discussion on

  • The three ETHICS
  • Care for Earth, Care for People and Fair Share
  • The 12 Principles that support the ethics
  • Zones
  • Sectors
  • Personal applications and wider reading
Learning Outcomes

This three hour taster will provide you with sufficient understanding and appreciation of the core issues involved with permaculture. So, upon completion, you should be able to:

  • Understand the process to create a permaculture design
  • Find and use further information with an overall knowledge of the concept
  • Apply these concepts to your own household, garden and life environment
  • Be open to the depth and breadth that Permaculture can offer
  • Prepare you to take on a more formal Permaculture Design Certificate
Other Information

This workshop is designed to give you a basic and general overview and it is a great starting point to appreciate and understand how Permaculture can influence the way we guide our lives.

Some call it a Revolution in the Garden; Craig Duckmanton prefers to consider it An Evolution of wisdom, whose time has come!

About Your Tutor

Craig Duckmanton

Craig has led a diverse business life of senior marketing roles, wellbeing and fitness, social ecology and permaculture. A far from avid gardener, having grown up at a time when pulling weeds was a weekly chore, he undertook an 14 week introductory permaculture course at Ryde TAFE, and both a penny, and jaw, dropped. He became hooked; joined the local Permaculture community group and got to work putting theory into action. This involved being part of garden transformation teams that created more than viable food forests on suburban and balcony blocks!

He has since undertaken a Permaculture Design Certificate and a Permaculture Teachers Certificate and combines these with a Masters in Social Ecology to bring nature (or biophilia) back into our lives, our workplaces and homes to create more engaging and sustainable lives.

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This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

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