Introduction to Interior Decoration


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Introduction to Interior Decoration

<p>Have you walked into a room that you’ve never been in before and felt right at home? How is that? Learn the key to good design and how to decorate a room that truly reflects your personality.


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Course description

Have you walked into a room that you’ve never been in before and felt right at home? How is that? Learn the key to good design and how to decorate a room that truly reflects your personality. Develop your own style and colour schemes, choose the lighting and flooring that best meets your needs and learn the art of furniture and accessory arrangement. This course will give you the confidence to get started and make good decorating decisions.

If you want to learn about Interior Decoration here in Sydney, then this course is for you.


During this course the intention is that the following topics will be covered, but not necessarily in the order given.

  • Introduction and overview
  • Line exercise – start looking for a room you like and room personalities
  • Colour wheel
  • Exterior colour
  • Colour psychology
  • Colour – tone
  • Colour schemes
  • Colour and architectural elements
  • Kitchen and bathrooms
  • Fabrics and curtains
  • Lighting, soft furnishings
  • Picture of a room you like
  • Bedrooms-foyers
  • Exercise-co-ordinate a room
  • Enrichment and accessories

The intended Learning Outcomes for this course are as follows.

By the end of the Introduction to Interior Decoration Class, students will be able to:

  • Identify different interior design styles
  • Discuss the colour wheel and colour schemes, and the psychology of colour and how it affects the way we live
  • Mixing colours
  • Plan your own colour schemes
  • Describe basic types of lighting and plan your lighting needs
  • Plan your flooring needs
  • Understand fabrics and select for a variety of uses, accessories, curtains and soft furnishing
  • Plan your space and storage
  • Plan and organise furniture for a space
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City Campus, York Street – 91 York Street in the Holmes Institute, Sydney. 5 minutes walk from Town Hall station and the QVB.

Feedback From Past Students

"I loved this course and cant wait to start rennovations!"

"He was great, and gave examples from his own personal work experience in the industry. A good communicator."

"Thank you very much for the 8 week course, it was insightful to understand the key principles of interior decoration. A well selection of topics for this short course. I found the assignment was very useful. Working on a scalable floor plan and mood board helps to visualize how the final design would look like. Better planning to get the items that will match and work for the entire room. The GECA presentation was a bonus of the course and it was very interesting to understand what is eco labelling. Will be mindful and conscious when choosing furnitures or renovation materials in future. Thanks again for the interesting and fun 8 weeks course."

"It is easy to see that the tutor knows what he is talking about. His easy approach to creating a plan was excellent and gave great insight to the process and what I need to do."

"It fulfilled everything it set out to do plus more. A damn good course provided by a really good tutor. I would recommend this to others. We talked through the theory and were helped with creating real story boards ."

"Thanks so much for delivering such a great class. It’s great to learn something new and be able to plan applying it practically. I’m looking at things in a completely different way and enjoying each week’s new lesson immensely. All the information is especially useful as we are planning a renovation early next year."

"This course was well organised and he is a knowledgeable and patient teacher. I learnt more than I expected on this course – he was an excellent teacher who shared his extensive knowledge with us in a well organised, practical and approachable format."

"The tutor was very knowledgeable and presented the information in an interesting and engaging way through software and social media platforms that I hadn’t used before. I enjoyed learning these new skills as well as the theory and then using them in the assignments really stretched me. Fantastic and scary all at the same time. A really enjoyable experience."

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Course testimonials:

  • Margot said: I got more than I expected from this course. It has changed they way I look at things and opened my eyes to what was in front of me. THANKS

  • Sinha said: 5 STARS

  • David said: Ascanio, was a pleasure to have as a tutor He was knowledgeable, and made the content enjoyable