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Tea Workshop

<p>Explore the world of tea in this hands-on tea brewing and blending workshop!<br/>Over the course of this workshop, we will be delving into the history, the philosophy and the shared cultural


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Course description

Explore the world of tea in this hands-on tea brewing and blending workshop!
Over the course of this workshop, we will be delving into the history, the philosophy and the shared cultural significance of the humble tea leaf.

Throughout this discussion, we will get to know the leaf itself, as we take a detailed look into the processing of tea. Understanding the processing can aid us in developing our palates. We can use this understanding of flavours, Ayurveda and infusions to create our own blends of tea.

We will master different brewing techniques to create the perfect brew, from iced tea, to matcha to authentic, home made Masala Chai.

Along with an array of brewing methods that can be used at home, you will be given the opportunity to take home your own hand-made blends of tea!

  • Processing of tea & an introduction to brewing
  • Tea in the Asia: philosophy, Teaism, Tea Ceremony & brewing matcha
  • Ayurveda and tea in India: the holistic powers of tea & spices, the origins of tea plantations in India and brewing methods for the perfect, traditional pot of Chai.
  • Developing a palate to create your own blends of tea
  • Brewing Iced Tea
Please bring:
  • Apron
  • Tea towel
  • Some jars to take the teas you make home
  • Pen & paper / tablet for taking notes
  • Your own cup for tea.
About Your Tutor

Justine Keating is tea enthusiast from Sydney who has been working with tea for the last two years (but has been an avid consumer of the leaf since a young age). Her interest in tea far exceeds that of consumption alone, and she now spends much of her free time autonomously researching the origins of tea and practicing Teaism (a Japanese school of aestheticism and philosophy pertaining to Tea).

The shift from frivolously enjoying a cup of tea, to ascribing to the ideals of Teaism came in March of 2016, when Justine was given the opportunity to attend lessons in the art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony under the guide of training Tea Master Hiroko Mihara in Sasayama; a rural town located in the central eastern part of Hyogo Prefecture. While this experience has placed Teaism and Japanese tea traditions at the forefront of her interests, Justine’s passion for tea lies in its rich, multicultural history, and as such, she most enjoys a cup of tea when understanding where it is the leaves have come from and what stories they can tell us regarding the past, and other cultures.

Student Feedback

"The tutor is excited and passionate about all things tea. Excellent knowledge and great way of sharing information. Would do more classes with this tutor."

"Justine was amazingly knowledgable and so passionate about this subject. She was much more than I expected."

"Please tell us why I got much more information around tea than I expected the tutor was better than expected. We got plenty of samples as well."

"The day was well paced, practical,engaging and very interesting. All participants had the opportunity to be involved in the tea making process, examine anddiscuss all the different kinds of teas and share tea stories. Being able to take home teas of interest was a lovely bonus. Since Saturday we have changed some of our tea making ways, specifically to do with water temperature, taking more notice of the brewing time and pouring water into the vessel first then adding the leaf! It does make a marked difference to the taste! A worthwhile course to run again through the year!"

"Justine was very passionate, enthusiastic and informative. Justine has a superb knowledge of tea. Her passion shone through. Justine and her passion for tea made this course. She was very generous with her time and products. Thank you!"

"The tutor was genuinely passionate about the course topic, and her knowledge she shared was outstanding! A 10 because this is definitely something I would do again. The tutor was amazing, and if she were running the course, I would highly recommend it to anyone!"

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