Influence: The Science & Practice Of Persuasion Course

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Want to have more impact in various departments of your life? Curious about the science of influence and persuasion? Or simply want to gain confidence in your interpersonal relationships in the workplace or with family and friends? This short course is for you!

Influence and persuasion is a science rather than an art, to be separated from control, persuasion is about being confident in your ideas and gaining trust and respect amongst your peers. Together we will unpack how we can become a person of influence. It is based on the work of John C Maxwell’s book; Becoming a person of Influence. Together we’ll take an informal look at the Maxwell’s “laws” of gaining influence. For years, “influencers,” were regarded as unique, born to enjoy their winning ways. Not so! Skills of influencers can be learned and practiced to deliver real results!

Maxwell’s seven ways to help you become a person of influence are:

  • Integrity
  • Nurturing
  • Trusting
  • Listening
  • Enlarging
  • Connection
  • Empowering

Course structure

To be successful and to lead the way, we must focus on gaining influence. Over the duration of the course you will learn:

Week One:

Introduction to influence and integrity. No matter what your goals are in life, you can achieve them faster, you can be more effective, and the contribution you make can be longer lasting if you learn to develop your influence. Integrity cannot be purchased on a whim; rather, it’s shaped by each ethical decision you make. Your integrity is your responsibility. It’s the cumulative effect of your choices in life and the gateway to trust.

Week Two:

Nurturing those around you and providing them with validation, acceptance and a sense of belonging. Most people have a deficit of self-belief. They gravitate to people who recognise their abilities and believe in their potential. A person of influence demonstrates faith in others by helping them to visualise success, celebrate victories, and learn from failure.

Week Three

Listening and Enlarging. Listening communicates respect. When people are attentive to the ideas and concerns of those around them, they generate stronger more authentic relationships.
Influencers invest in people and make time to lift others to a higher level of living. They set people up for success by focussing on their strengths and tapping into their passions.

Week Four

Connecting and Empowering. In this digital age, we can so easily communicate with each other, but are we really connecting with people? Influencers know they depend on others to achieve the dream. For this reason, they initiate relationships, look for common ground, and learn how to motivate those around them. Empowering others inspires them to see the person they can become.


Influence: The Science & Practice Of Persuasion Course

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