Accounting for Non-accountants: Beginners Course

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Learn basic accounting with our accounting & bookkeeping courses in Sydney.

Do financial statements baffle you? Do you mix your current assets with your non current assets? What do liabilities mean and how will they affect the organisation in question in the future? Then this basic accounting course is for you.

The course is presented & compiled by a qualified practicing accountant and registered BAS practitioner and it aims to enable participants to engage and prepare different financial reports & forecasts as well as the ability to highlight key financial aspects of their business or area of interest.


By the end of this course you will:

  • be able to read and understand a basic company financial statement
  • have gained an understanding of the Australian Accounting Standards

Ideal for

  • Anyone who needs to be able to interpret financial statements
  • Board and committee members
  • Business owners
  • Managers of departments or units
  • Those interested in stock market research
  • Those interested in starting or purchasing a company
  • Anyone thinking about a career in bookkeeping and accounting

Course content

  • Understand double-entry accounting system
  • Understand accounting terminology and simplifying jargon
  • The Australian Accounting Standards
  • Records keeping and compliance
  • Interpretation and itemisation of financial reporting including trial balance, trading statement, profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement and forecasts


Accounting for Non-accountants: Beginners Course

<p><strong>Learn basic accounting with our <a href="">accounting & bookkeeping courses</a> in Sydney.</strong></p><p

$399 Limited GST free / $319.20 / $359.10

Course testimonials:

  • said: Mark is a fantastic tutor! He makes difficult topic easy to understand by giving practical examples and injecting humor to lighten the mood. I am always excited going to his class. I highly recommend Mark and this course.

  • said: 4 Stars!

  • said: Mark did an excellent job explaining the information and keeping it relevant to our ability. 5 Stars!

  • said: Mark is very clear at speaking and provides good anecdotes and examples, I just had trouble keeping up sometimes as I am just not maths-geeky, but enjoyed getting an overview of these systems anyway. Thanks Mark.

  • said: A great group of people to learn with. Making it fun and interesting

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