Starting a Bed and Breakfast Workshop


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Starting a Bed and Breakfast Workshop

<h5 id="LearnhowtostartabedandbreakfastinSydney">Learn how to start a bed and breakfast in Sydney.</h5><p>B&B is a great way to earn money from your home. Earning money from your home by listing with


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Course description

Learn how to start a bed and breakfast in Sydney.

B&B is a great way to earn money from your home. Earning money from your home by listing with international reservation platforms like Airbnb, is very affordable as there is very little capital outlay. This course shows you how to furnish your spare room/s, how to manage breakfast and how to set the room rate. The workshop is very comprehensive and deals with all issues as they apply to responsible hosting.

Find out how to set up and run your own Bed and Breakfast (B&B) in this intensive short course. Learn how to be efficient and successful and how to make your B&B stand out from the crowd. This is a small group class which allows for individual attention to your business concept.

You too can be part of the fastest growth sector in tourism today. Find out if you and your house are ready to enter this industry. Learn about the daily issues that confront Bed & Breakfast operators and how to list responsibly on Airbnb. Decide upon the level of commitment you are prepared to make with this venture. This course enables you to have a better understanding of why B&B is a trend and not a fad and outlines how to be efficient and successful. Course leader is an author of “how-to-books” on “Bed & Breakfast in Australia”.

If you want to learn to set up a Bed and Breakfast in Sydney, then this course is for you.

Course content

This workshop runs in two parts:

Part 1: Are you ready to set up and run a bed and breakfast?

This section will help you to decide the level of commitment (full time/weekends/breakfast only/full board etc) that you are prepared to make to this venture.

  • Am i suitable?
    Being your own boss, are you suitable, you and your family, defining the dream
  • Is my home suitable?
    First impressions, signage, structural adjustments-exterior-interior, furniture etc.
  • Who is my market?
    Australian tourism-some facts, identifying your market, seasonality, decisions
  • Business fundamentals
    Being prepared, financing your enterprise, building & development applications, your local authority, insurance etc.

Part 2: How to run a B&B efficiently and successfully

The second section introduces the daily issues that confront Bed & Breakfast operators. It also outlines how to run a B&B efficiently and successfully.

  • People skills
    Common questions, guesthouse behaviour, smoking, analysing complaints, time management
  • Running your business
    Reservation systems, deposits, commissions, general ledgers, business plan, budgeting. Banking
  • Housekeeping
    Achieving high standards of cleanliness, cleaning routines etc.
  • Food and Beverage
    Breakfast menus, techniques of purchasing, liquor licences, organisation, safety, tips for setting the table etc.
  • Marketing and promotions
    Targeting your story, public relations, letterhead, brochures & leaflets, tourist information centre’s etc.

At the end of this workshop you will have learned how to:

  • know about the Bed and Breakfast industry in Australia
  • know if they and their home is suitable for a Bed and Breakfast
  • have an understanding of business planning, the target market, and financial investment in relation to setting up and running a B&B
  • know how to price and market their B&B
  • know about industry association and other resources available.
Books by your tutor
  • Starting and Running a Bed & Breakfast in Australia and New Zealand
  • A Feasibility Study for Aspiring Bed & Breakfast Operators
  • A Business Plan for B&B Owners
  • Managing Your B&B

All publications are available at a special discount (only) to students who attend the B&B lectures (optional).

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Course testimonials:

  • Melanie Kathleen said: Stuart Whyte was an excellent speaker.He was immensely knowledgeable & engaged our attentention for the whole duration of the course. Thoroughly worth the time & course cost.