Graphic Design Essentials


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Graphic Design Essentials

<p>A fabulous introduction to the theory, history and application of graphic design and typography with a professional Graphic Designer!</p><p>The topics covered will include the history of graphic

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Course description

A fabulous introduction to the theory, history and application of graphic design and typography with a professional Graphic Designer!

The topics covered will include the history of graphic design, colour theory, typography and composition as well as touching on the basics of the three main industry standard design software programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop in Adobe Creative Cloud. The theory elements in class will be comprehensive, and initiate a process of personal enquiry and research to discover what participants find appealing to them individually.

Through deep discussion of their visual research they will learn critical analysis of Graphic Design and the principles covered as well as expanding their knowledge of the field. The practical element of the course will be structured as tutorials in each of the software packages outlined. Each tutorial will contribute to the layout of an A4 advertisement as a final piece of work. Participants will create an advertisement, which will be critiqued in lesson seven.

The aim of this activity is to apply the learning in the first three weeks of the course through creation of the final product. The work students develop in this course may be used to start a portfolio for the purpose of gaining access into a more advanced course of study at the Fashion Masters College, another institution, TAFE or University.

Please Note:
This course is designed for students who welcome tutor and group feedback. It is highly recommended that students attend all sessions and work on their homework to successfully complete all projects.


Lesson One: History of Graphic Design and Brand

  • Hand-outs: Notes handbooks and keyboard shortcut laminates
  • Overview of topics
  • Principles and Elements of design
  • History of Graphic Design
  • Show work of successful Graphic Designers from the late 20th and 21st Century
  • Discuss importance of Graphic Design in brand recognition
  • Show examples of successful branding exercises
  • Homework activity: to select two pieces of graphic design with a focus on brand for discussion in lesson two.

Lesson two: Colour

  • Discuss homework activity from lesson one
  • Tie back into principals and elements of design
  • Discuss colour in the context of branding
  • Discuss how colour is used in software (overview of RGB, CMYK and web colour)
  • Demonstrate where colours are chosen in software packages
  • Homework task: finding two pieces of graphic Design with a focus on typography for discussion in lesson three

Lesson Three: Typography

  • Discuss homework activity from lesson two
  • Introduce typography
  • Cover history of typography
  • Introduce students to prominent typographers and fonts
  • Introduce software and where the typography is set in each program
  • Homework task: begin to think of a product or service for which they would like to create an advertisement

Lesson Four: Photoshop

  • Overview of what the different software packages are for
  • Discuss areas of the industry that utilise different software packages
  • Introduce Adobe Photoshop
  • Search for images for advertisement
  • Photoshop tutorial: Introduce colour alteration and enhancement, cloning, transform functions, selecting and masking, layers and painting tools.

Lesson Five: Illustrator

  • Introduce Adobe Illustrator
  • Discuss its predominant uses
  • Illustrator tutorial: Introduce tools, colours, pathfinder, and stroke
  • Illustrator activity: Draw a logo

Lesson Six: Indesign

  • Introduce Adobe InDesign
  • Discuss its uses
  • InDesign tutorial: Introduce tools, colour, typesetting, page layout, and layers
  • InDesign activity: Begin to layout advertisement

Lesson Seven: Project workshop

  • Work on advertisement for rest of class assisting students
  • roup critique
  • Review topics covered

By the end of the course the participant will have:

  • Learned an overview of the history of design, colour theory, typography and layout in order to inform the design process
  • Developed basic skills in the Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop programs in Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Exercised communication and critical analysis of design
  • Gained an understanding of the overall design process and how it can be used for creative purposes
Materials provided:
  • Course notes booklet

Please bring these to class each week!

For classes in general you will need:

  • An 8GB USB
  • Plain sketch paper (inexpensive)
  • Pen & paper, or a tablet for writing notes
  • Black felt tip Artline pen and/or pencils for sketching ideas
  • Feel free to bring any coloured pens and textas that you have at home but not essential. Black felt tip Artline pen will suffice for most sketching exercises
  • Throughout the course you will also be required to print out, photocopy or bring in some items from books or magazines for discussion
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Feedback From Past Students

"An enthusiastic tutor with very effective communication skills and excellent understanding of the graphic design and what students can reasonably expect to learn in an 8 week course."

"Thanks for a very interesting and informative course with a terrific tutor."

"Really enjoyed cementing the basics of Graphic Design... A fun way to spend a Wednesday night."

"Well taught and practical. Great insight into the real world of design as well. Thanks!"

"(the tutor) was a fabulous educator"

"(the tutor) knowledge and experience shows through easily. (the tutor) was very patient with everyone’s varying needs."

"I really enjoyed the course and got a huge amount out of the two day session. The tutor was fantastic."

"(the tutor) was very knowledgable and willing to help with everyone’s questions. It was gratifying having someone working in
the industry as a tutor."

"(the tutor) was great. So generous with her information and knowledge for anyone wanting to professionally enter the industry."

"(the tutor) was a fabulous educator"

"(the tutor) knowledge and experience shows through easily. (the tutor) was very patient with everyone’s varying needs."

"It was really nice to learn the basics of the software and be able to ask questions to the teacher."

"First time using (the software). I do think I learned the basics as well as achieving some advanced techniques I wanted to use."

"Kept me wanting to learn more."

"(the tutor) was great & helpful."

"Scope of information, from the history of graphic design to what we are capable of now and given the opportunity to play and ask questions and work on our own projects."

"Excellent variety and recommended further reading / tutorials."

"Hands on is best (style of learning), also being able to make our own projects to get us thinking about our own interests and creativity."

"Excellent knowledge and amazing patience!"

"It was up to each person individually to see what they could do and at what level of confidence they were at."

"(the tutor) is super, kind and patient, personable, and treated everyone with the same level of respect regardless of knowledge level."

"The course had a good balance of theory and practical. Great knowledge on the subject, good practical examples and experiences and great presentation skills. Delivered information slowly and simply to make it easy to understand and learn."

"Very clear and organised presentation, she made it easy to break down and follow and understand."

"The tutor was awesome. She clearly had heaps of experience, knew what she was talking about and kept explanations simple and easy to understand. The course covered all the essential stuff that I needed to beconfident in using InDesign."

"The tutor was great, she was friendly, helpful, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable about what we were being taught. Rooms were modern, comfortable and air-conditioned. Great to have the big screen computers to work on as well. The teacher, course outline, venue all excellent and above expectations."

"The tutor was fantastic. She did a great job at covering the essentials of Graphic Design in such a short space of time."

"The tutor was awesome. Very informative and a good level of content."

"Very prepared and organized. Really easy to understand and made things simple."

Other information
  • Avoid disappointment. Enrol early.*
  • Please ensure that you have given a valid email and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or email.*
  • It is highly recommended to have downloaded the free 30 day trial version of Adobe Creative Cloud prior to the start of your course. If you need help doing this, please talk to your friendly tutor in the first class for suggestions or demonstration.
    • Please note: This course runs in our computer lab, which has 12 big screen MAC computers, all installed with updated Adobe Creative Cloud programs.

Avoid disappointment. Enrol early.

Please ensure that you have given a valid email and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or email.

Course testimonials:

  • Rory said: Tutor 5 Stars

  • Andrea said: Student gave this course 4 stars