Drawing - Cartooning Extension

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Course description

Learn Cartooning in Sydney

Have you got an idea for a cartoon, comic, animation, illustrated book? Are you looking for novel ways to present business ideas visually to clients? Are you a fan of films by Pixar, Disney or Studio Ghibli? Do you crave a space to draw and explore your imagination without the distractions of home? If so, this course is for you! In this course we work through the process of Visual Development- creating original characters to tell your own original stories.

Building on Cartooning for Beginners, this project-based course develops the skills introduced in that course, and uses techniques employed by the big animation studios, professional illustrators and cartoonists to bring your imagination to life.

Each week you will look at another technique for enhancing your cartoons including shape design, colour, expression sheets, character turn-arounds, inking, and more all while creating work you can share with the world.

Working alongside Visual Development Artist Luke Marcatili, you will gain guidance and feedback that will help you take your characters and stories further. With experience in illustration, animation, indie game development, indie comics and pitch development, Luke provides drawing and storytelling experience as well as insights into how to get your new creation out into the public.

It is recommended that you enrol in Cartooning for Beginners before enrolling in this course.

Suitable for

People who have completed Cartooning for Beginners and want to spend more time developing their cartoon illustrations and visual stories (cartoons, comics, storyboarding etc)

  • Over the duration of the course, students work on their own projects while incorporating new techniques to achieve best results.
  • Students can work on character design, a series of single panel cartoons, comics (strip or book), book illustrations, storyboards and other projects.
Please bring
  • Pencils: 2B, 4B
  • A3 Sketchbook
  • Eraser
  • Optional Materials (as necessary- to be discussed in class)
  • Ink Pens: Brush Pens, liner pens etc.
  • Ink & Brush
  • Copic Markers
  • Watercolours & Watercolour paper.
Course Content
  • Developing Engaging Ideas
  • Designing Appealing Characters
  • Shape Design
  • Using Photos as reference
  • Basics of using Colour
  • Inking Techniques
  • Exaggerated Expression
  • Presenting your Ideas
  • Promoting your Work
Course Outcomes

By the end of this course you will have:

  • Had time to practice your Cartooning skills
  • Gained valuable feedback
  • Developed original characters from idea to finished design
  • Been introduced to using Colour in your Cartoons
  • Witnessed how to use photo reference and simplified shapes to exaggerate and find new characters
  • Seen how to use photo reference and simplified shapes to begin exploring Caricature
  • Had an opportunity to pitch your idea to classmates
  • Discussed options for promoting, sharing and publishing your work
  • Explored the use of Cartoon Expressions to give your characters life and personality
  • Discovered new techniques for finishing your drawings

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