Natural Dye Workshops


$149 Limited inc GST / $¤74.50 / $¤,119.20 / $¤,134.10
Natural Dye Workshops

<h5 id="Workshop1NaturaldyePrint">Workshop 1: Natural dye Print</h5><p>Join Jo in this flowers and fold Natural Dyeing Print Workshop in Sydney, to discover how to use natural foraged flowers, leaves

Workshop 1: Natural Dye Print
$149 Limited inc GST / $¤74.50 / $¤,119.20 / $¤,134.10
Natural Dye Workshops

<h5 id="Workshop1NaturaldyePrint">Workshop 1: Natural dye Print</h5><p>Join Jo in this flowers and fold Natural Dyeing Print Workshop in Sydney, to discover how to use natural foraged flowers, leaves

Workshop 2: Natural Dye Colour

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Course description

Workshop 1: Natural dye Print

Join Jo in this flowers and fold Natural Dyeing Print Workshop in Sydney, to discover how to use natural foraged flowers, leaves from your neighbourhood and healing herbs, food scraps from your kitchen and household items to Naturally Dye fabric.

A playfully inspiring 3 hour workshop where Natural Dyeing basics will be shared on how to Bundle Eco Dye and create with plants and food, plus other natural materials.

All the raw materials and a pure Silk Scarf 42 × 160cm (Eco dyed scarves RRP $70) will be provided to decorate in all natural delightful colours, unbleached cotton for bundle dyeing, and hammering flower patterns, with digital notes and online support.

We will go for a short walk around the Sydney Community College Grounds and Roselle street to find local plant material that we can use to eco dye our silk and fabrics.

Feel free to bring your own local foraged materials, from your garden and neighbourhood to mark the silk and cotton fabrics.

We will also Eco Dye your own t-shirt/singlet or pillow slip from home (Natural fabrics only and pre-washed). More silk scarves will be available to purchase if preferred.

You will also get to take home all dyes you make in class – for further fun at home!

In this hands-on beginners course you will explore a variety of natural hand dyeing and colour application techniques and create your own fabulous colours on silk fabric using natural methods and materials.

Workshop 2: Natural Dye Colour

Have you ever wondering why some foods stain your clothes?

What if you could use those colours and so many more to experiment with natural fabrics & fibres?

Join Jo in our Natural Dye Colour Workshop in Sydney creating colours with food, healing herbs, teas, scraps for composting, foraged flowers, fallen and fresh leaves!

Plus learn how we can alter colour with different items from around your home and kitchen cupboard.

Use food waste to create earthy pinks, golden oranges, soft blues, sunshine yellows, light browns, smokey greys.

So many possibilities!

This workshop will introduce you to learn basics of natural dyeing easy mordants and how you can set this up at home.

This is also a great class for any quilters, weavers, or knitters who are keen to dye natural fibres.

If you have some yarn, raffia you wish to experiment please bring your natural fibres too.

What you will receive:

  • A pure Jap Silk Scarf 42 × 160cm
  • Unbleached cotton and silk (mordanted) for colour samples
  • Pure New Zealand alpaca yarn to dip dye into vats
  • Tea and snacks for refreshments
  • Digital Notes
  • Online support via private Natural Dyers Facebook Group
  • This 3 hour workshop will incorporate:
  • How to gather and reuse items in you home for sustainable living and zero-waste dyeing
  • Gather flowers from my neighbourhood, leaves and food waste to make dye vats in array of colours
  • Use different foods and items to alter tones and shades of colour
  • How to mordant your fabrics (pretreat fro dyeing) with food not out chemical

Feel free to bring your own local foraged materials, from your garden and neighbourhood to mark the silk and cotton fabric scarves.

Very pleased to be offering this collaborative workshop and look forward to sharing knowledge and time to learn from each other and the power and beauty of natural dyes.

Ideal for

This is a beginners course, so no previous design, dye or printing experience required.

Course content

During this Natural Dye Workshop the intention is that the following topics will be covered, but not necessarily in the order given. Due to the variable nature of Adult Education classes, parts of the curriculum may be adapted to suit the needs of the class.

  • Appreciate the many sources and properties of natural materials to create dyes
  • Preparation and use of natural dyes
  • Learn how to create different dyeing effects
  • Learn some basic eco printing techniques and effects
  • Learn some basic compost dyeing techniques and effects
About your tutor

Inside Jo.B is the Textile Design Studio and work of Joanne Broederlow.

Born in Auckland, New Zealand raised there and in Sydney, Australia. Joanne’s German Samoan heritage and her family, influence her Textile Art and Design.

She studied Fashion and Construction after graduating High School at East Sydney TECH Fashion Studio.

After having her children, two who suffered from eczema, she looked into the benefits of Organic Cotton clothes and cloth nappies. In 2005 she started the business of ethical baby and children’s products online/brick and mortar store in Auckland, New Zealand.

This progressed into her own brand Imp`ish, Organic Cotton Kids Clothes, where she designed her own fabrics for the clothing range. They were hand screen printed in house at the Fair Trade Factory in India. The journey visiting India after designing the fabrics and seeing the Organic Farming from plant to processed printed fabric. Supported ethical and traditional practices of natural materials eco dyed and printed – the passion for Textile Design was born.

After wrapping up business end of 2012, relocating to Sydney, and working as a N.S.W Visual Merchandiser in the fast fashion industry motivated Joanne to return to study at the Sydney Fashion Studio to learn more about Textile Design and Printing.

In the beginning of 2015 the opportunity to start a home based studio venture was established. Using natural (some organic) cotton, linen and silk materials, marking the fabrics with natural dyes, hand textile paints, screen and block printing two to eight meters at a time.

Inside Jo.B represents and is focused on creating minimum wastage garments. Each garment is one off created ethically as “slow” or “up-cycled” fashion. The fabric is decorated and modified in cutting and construction but with zero – minimum wastage to make a conscious garment. These styles are androgynous and appealing to those wanting a unique, yet simple cut, that lets the soft natural fabrics speak and empower those who wear them with a body body positive message.

She’s being sharing her knowledge of natural dyeing in Sydney and Newcastle to costume designers, weavers, quilters, painters, naturopaths and curious novice creatives for the last year.

Collaborates with Fashion, Tatau Artists, Jewellery and Interior designers on digital prints, creating one-off fabrics and garments is a rewarding privilege Joanne practices daily.

"Creating and Designing is a journey inside to discover your voice, use it to say something..."

Inside Jo.B is the textile design studio and small slow fashion label based in the Central Coast by Joanne Broederlow. For more information on her work and story of Eco dyeing process please read recent story on The Planthunter website

Materials provided
  • 1 x silk handwoven scarf
  • Seasonal, natural materials (berries, flowers & plants) and equipment needed
Please bring to class
  • 2 x small garments to dye (apart from your scarf)... NATURAL FABRICS ONLY!
  • 4-5 empty jars to take home your dyes
  • Your own local berries, foodscraps or flowers you wish to use for dyeing
  • An old shirt or apron to wear while dyeing
  • Lunch, water and snacks – it is a long day! There is a great park accross the street to have lunch in on a sunny day too.
Other information
  • Please wear closed-in shoes and old clothes
  • All dyeing materials are natural and non-toxic – but may cause allergies. Please contact us to discuss if you are allergic to any plants, flowers, vegetables or berries
  • You will be required to share any materials provided, and any that you bring with the class
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Please ensure you have given a valid e-mail address and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or e-mail.