Natural Dye Workshops


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Natural Dye Workshops

<p>Learn how to dye with natural products and other <b><a href="/courses/art-classes-sydney/Printing+Classes">Printing courses</a></b> in Sydney. </p><p>It’s foraging, it’s local, it’s seasonal, but


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Course description

Learn how to dye with natural products and other Printing courses in Sydney.

It’s foraging, it’s local, it’s seasonal, but it’s not for eating…

Samorn Sanixay creates fabric dyes from nature, crafting beautiful textiles with colours from the leaves, seeds and flowers of the season.

But her skills are not new – they have a long history in Laos, passed down through generations of women. Celebrating these traditional skills, Samorn founded a weaving cooperative in Vientianne, with Khaisy Sophabmixay.

Khaisy is a master weaver from northern Laos. Called Eastern Weft, it supports disadvantaged women from ethnic hill tribes, as they use their dyeing and weaving skills to support themselves and their families.

We’re looking forward to the opportunity to meet Khaisy. She’ll be visiting Sydney and presenting at Samornnext 's workshop – teaching weaving and hand-rolled tassle techniques...

Discover how to dye and print with foraged flowers, leaves from your neighbourhood and healing herbs, food scraps from your kitchen and household items.

In this workshop you will learn how to print and bundle eco-dye and print with plants, food and other natural materials.

Feel free to bring your own foraged materials, from your garden and neighbourhood, to use in class.

This workshop will introduce you to learn basics of natural dyeing, easy mordants, and how you can set this up at home

In this practical beginners course you will explore a variety of natural hand dyeing and colour application techniques and create your own fabulous effects on silk fabric using natural methods and materials.

Create colour with food, healing herbs, teas, scraps for composting, foraged flowers, fallen and fresh leaves!

Plus learn how we can alter colour with different items from around your home and kitchen cupboard.

Use food waste to create earthy pinks, golden oranges, soft blues, sunshine yellows, light browns, smokey greys.

A palette of possibilities!

This workshop will incorporate:
  • How to gather and reuse materials in your home for sustainable living and zero-waste dyeing
  • Gathered flowers, leaves and food waste to make dye vats in array of colours
  • Use different foods and items to alter tones and shades of colour
  • How to mordant your fabrics (pretreat for dyeing) with food, not chemicals
Ideal for

This is a beginners course, so no previous design, dye or printing experience required.

Course content

During this Natural Dye Workshop the intention is that the following topics will be covered, but not necessarily in the order given. Due to the variable nature of Adult Education classes, parts of the curriculum may be adapted to suit the needs of the class.

  • Appreciate the many sources and properties of natural materials to create dyes
  • Preparation and use of natural dyes
  • Learn how to create different dyeing effects
  • Learn some basic eco printing techniques and effects
  • Learn some basic compost dyeing techniques and effects
Materials provided
  • Handwoven silk scarf (rrp $90 each)
  • Unbleached cotton for colour samples
  • Organic Merino wool piece to use in class
  • Linen table runner to use during class ( rrp $75)
  • Unbleached cotton tote bag to use and dye in class
  • Seasonal, natural materials (berries, flowers & plants) all home grown by Samorn
  • Digital Notes
Please bring to class
  • Any garment to dye (apart from your scarf)... NATURAL FABRICS ONLY!
  • Pre washed natural fabric to dye (1-2m)
  • 4-5 empty jars to take home your dyes
  • Your own local berries, food scraps or flowers you wish to use for dyeing
  • An old shirt or apron to wear while dyeing and closed shoes
  • A notepad and pen or tablet to take notes
  • Lunch, water and snacks – it is a long day! There is a great park accross the street to have lunch in on a sunny day too.
Other information
  • Please wear closed-in shoes and old clothes
  • All dyeing materials are natural and non-toxic – but may cause allergies. Please contact us to discuss if you are allergic to any plants, flowers, vegetables or berries
  • You will be required to share any materials provided, and any that you bring with the class
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If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • Li En said: 5 STARS

  • Joanne said: This was a fantastic hands on workshop that I thoroughly enjoyed! The facilitator was very knowledgeable. I will never look the same way again at fruits and vegetables. I would highly recommend this course!

  • Astrid said: The different techniques that were explained and also Samorn’s Open and inclusive approach.

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