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Natural Dye Workshop


$199 Limited inc GST / $99.50 / $159.20 / $179.10
Natural Dye Workshop

<p>Natural dye workshop in Sydney.</p><p>We will begin the class with a walkabout in the streets around the College, to forage, gather and learn about the history of this beautiful ancient tradition.

$199 Limited inc GST / $99.50 / $159.20 / $179.10
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Course description

Natural dye workshop in Sydney.

We will begin the class with a walkabout in the streets around the College, to forage, gather and learn about the history of this beautiful ancient tradition. Learn about local native plants, berries and flowers, their dyeing properties, how we extract the colour and methods used to obtain different shades of pigments.

You will receive a peace silk hand woven scarf or an Organic Rami (a fabric made from Baby Nettle) Cushion Cover to dye and take away as your very own creation!

*Ready- dyed cushion covers retail for over $160

You will also get to take home all dyes you make in class – for further fun at home!

In this hands-on beginners course you will explore a variety of natural hand dyeing and colour application techniques and create your own fabulous colours on silk fabric using natural methods and materials.

Ideal for

This is a beginners course, so no previous design or printing experience required.

Course content

During this Natural Dye Workshop the intention is that the following topics will be covered, but not necessarily in the order given. Due to the variable nature of Adult Education classes, parts of the curriculum may be adapted to suit the needs of the class.

  • Appreciate the many sources and properties of natural materials to create dyes
  • Preparation and use of natural dyes
  • Learn how to create different dyeing effects
  • Learn some basic eco printing techniques and effects
  • Learn some basic compost dyeing techniques and effects
About your tutor

Samorn Sanixay was born in Laos and the co-founder of Eastern Weft, a weaving cooperative based in Vientiane. Laos. She arrived as a refugee in Australia with her family when she was only 3 years old. Samorn graduated from Griffith University with a B. Arts in Modern Asian Studies (majoring in Political Science) and has Diploma in Japanese language. With almost 15 years experience in sustainable textile manufacturing, Samorn comes to you today excited to share her knowledge and ignite your passion for sustainable craft and textile production!

Sustainability and Zero Waste is very much a natural part of what we do. We focus on connecting with nature, with the land. As with most indigenous cultures we work together with the land and build up a knowledge base on which plants can be eaten, used for medicinal purposes and as a source of colour for painting or natural dyes (incl. dirt and minerals), or to build houses.

We’d like people to think about where and how their textiles are made, sourced etc. to be more thoughtful and mindful, they can help change the world even it if is on a small scale.

We want to connect people with one another and also with the environment. Everything starts and ends with nature. In our highly developed societies, I feel we are very disconnected. We’ve lost the knowledge of how things are made, the skills involved, the materials we use, and every human being involved in the process. Once you start asking questions, the answers are even more fascinating. It’s a journey of finding and exploring the process of going back to nature and moving forward.

Materials provided
  • Choice of 1 x Peace Silk handwoven scarf OR 1 x hand-woven Organic Rami (a fabric made from Baby Nettle) Cushion Cover
  • Seasonal, natural materials (berries, flowers & plants) and equipment needed
Please bring to class
  • 2 x small garments to dye (apart from your scarf)... NATURAL FABRICS ONLY!
  • 4-5 empty jars to take home your dyes
  • Your own local berries, foodscraps or flowers you wish to use for dyeing
  • An old shirt or apron to wear while dyeing
  • Lunch, water and snacks – it is a long day! There is a great park accross the street to have lunch in on a sunny day too.
Other information
  • Please wear closed-in shoes and old clothes
  • All dyeing materials are natural and non-toxic – but may cause allergies. Please contact us to discuss if you are allergic to any plants, flowers, vegetables or berries
  • You will be required to share any materials provided, and any that you bring with the class

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Feedback from past students

"Samorn was so lovely, inspiring, down-to-earth and supportive in helping guide us through the natural dying process. I loved that it was a small group too because if felt like we all got plenty of attention from
her. She also shared alot about her personal journey into dying, which was very inspiring to hear."

"It was so much fun. Samorn is such a wonderful, thoughtful teacher, and playing with plants with a group of fellow nature lovers made for a wonderful inspiring day."

"She was knowledgeable and extremely helpful...This was exactly what I was looking for in terms of the topic."

"Samorn was an amazing teacher and was so sharing with all her information. Amazing amazing teacher and what a wonderful class. Also she didn’t get upset about the change of numbers – I work in education and
that would have really thrown some teachers,especially because of the huge difference in supplies needed."

"Absolutely loved this course, more please."

"Incredible knowledge that has accumulated by trial and error, years of first hand experience. A supportive person who treated participants with respect and gave great attention to us all."

"I just loved this workshop. It met all my expectations and more."

"Wish it could have gone for longer!"

"Our teacher was extremely friendly and lovely, and clearly very experienced in her work. She made people feel at ease and involved....I really enjoy this course and would recommend it to

"Loved her as a person....Fabulous topic. Inspiring woman. "

"Teacher was extremely knowledgeable and inspiring and very generous with sharing her craft. The teacher was so amazing. "

"The tutor was amazing, interesting and inspiring. She was very straight forward with how she explained everything and it was never an issue if there were repeat questions or clarification was needed. It was everything I expected and so deeply inspiring!"

"Samorn was very generous with her knowledge and keen for everyone to get the most from the workshop. There was an abundance of material and equipment to work with which made it easy for everyone to do as much as they wanted to do. Easy to understand and informative. Great for beginners, and everyone came away with a good result, and lots of enthusiasm."

"Samorn was very thorough in her teaching and very open to sharing processes and techniques that she has learnt over the years. Amazing to see what colours for fabric dying can be obtained through extraction from what is in gardens, parks, streets around us and even from our homes. The day went too quickly! Thoroughly enjoyed learning from this tutor."

"Very knowledgeable & approachable. Very practical course. Knowledgeable and approachable teacher."

"The tutor and her assistant were very friendly and warm, and she shared much of her knowledge and experiences. The tutor is a lovely teacher and made the class really enjoyable and fun :)"

"The tutor, her assistants and my fellow classmates were really fun to learn with, and the very hands-on and easy-going nature (of the teacher and the dyemaking process) made it a blast! I highly recommended it to my friends as a great creative outlet and learning experience!"

"The tutor was genuine and willing to pass on as much knowledge about natural dyeing as she could so that we could leave the class feeling like we can continue experimentation on our own. The people were amazing and there was a lovely community feeling, everyone was supportive and encouraging. We packed so much knowledge and experience into the day."

"The tutor explained the various processes clearly and enjoyably ,and in the time we were in class we achieved quite a lot. We had enough room and were able to chat to others
but not crowded."

"Excellent. Samorn was very knowledgeable in natural dyeing and I appreciate her hands-on approach. She really knows her dyeing and it shows in how she teaches this course!"

"It was fascinating learning about the various plants and what dyes they can create and the various techniques. It is nice to know that i can just go for a walk and pick up a leaf or two and I’m set to go...It means i can look at nature from another perspective."

Avoid disappointment – enrol early

Please ensure you have given a valid e-mail address and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or e-mail.