Yoga for Injury Recovery


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Yoga for Injury Recovery

<p>Learn Yoga for Injury Recovery in Sydney.</p><p>Join us for a fun, safe “chair-based” Yoga Course for 5 weeks. Designed by Keri Hogarth, a Naturopath & Yoga Teacher with 20 years experience in


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Course description

Learn Yoga for Injury Recovery in Sydney.

Join us for a fun, safe “chair-based” Yoga Course for 5 weeks. Designed by Keri Hogarth, a Naturopath & Yoga Teacher with 20 years experience in holistic healthcare, educated in supporting students with age-related chronic conditions.

The programme is designed for people with injuries and Seniors with chronic health issues. This program **supports students recovering from conditions such as shoulder/knee/hip/back injuries, and blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis, osteopenia, respiratory weaknesses, poor memory recall, obesity, anxiety, low mood, poor digestion, eye and hearing problems, fatigue, and balance. It also benefits people with limited movement who don’t generally exercise, and have poor mobility.

It offers modifications of classic Hatha Yoga postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation.
All taught in and around a “chair” – No mats, no sweat, no lycra – simply mindful movement with breath!!!

Subject Outline

Week 1 – Pain Management

  • Acknowledgement of our physical limits and injuries.
  • Moving safely within our limits.
  • Asanas (postures) to enable students to lessen pain feedback.
  • Introduction to pranayama (breath) to support pain management.

Week 2 – Bone Health

  • Introduction to posture alignment.
  • Focus on postures to improve spine mobility.
  • Introducing balance postures for bone health.
  • Standing postures for spine strength.

Week 3 – Memory Support

  • Introduction to breath technique improving circulation.
  • Postures to warm joints and circulation to the head.
  • Posture focus to warm the body.
  • Meditation technique to improve focus.

Week 4 – Lung Health

  • Introduction to pranayama (relaxing yogic breath)
  • Use of the Haa breath for lung clearance.
  • Posture alignment to improve oxygen intake.
  • Ribcage expansion postures for lung health.

Week 5 – Anxiety Support

  • Introduce breath technique to activate relaxation response.
  • Postures that support muscle and joint release.
  • Posture flow to settle mind and body.
  • Meditation visualisation to lighten a busy-mind.
Learning Outcomes

At the end of 5 Weeks students will:-

  • Understand how to move safely within their own physical limits.
  • Learn a range of yoga movements which support student’s specific health issues.
  • Understand how to use their breath while moving in a Yoga Class.
  • Gain tools of how to manage stress and tension in their daily lives.
  • Embrace relaxation and meditation techniques for use in home practice.
What to bring
  • Wear comfortable stretch pants and T shirt / sweater, not loose clothes. Slip-off shoes – yoga is barefoot.
  • Bottle of drinking water.
  • long scarf or yoga belt to help with leg exercises.
  • Disclaimer – Please ensure you have approval from your Medical practitioner, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor before commencing this program. We provide physical and mental support for your current health conditions only.

Avoid disappointment. Enrol early.*

Please ensure that you have given a valid email and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or email.