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Learn photo editing using Adobe Lightroom with our Adobe Creative Cloud short courses in Sydney.

Do you want to learn the world’s most powerful and efficient editing application, used by professional photographers? Adobe Lightroom is the premium photo editing software that gives you everything you need to edit, organise, store, and share your photos. With Adobe Lightroom, you have all the tools you need to bring out the best in your Photography. Punch up colours, make dull-looking shots vibrant, remove distracting objects, straighten skewed shots and much more. This Adobe Lightroom course will start you from the ground up and cover all the editing basics so you can turn good images into excellent ones. Then it will guide you through developing a workflow and an image management system so you can process and store your images correctly.

This Adobe Lightroom training course will take any amateur photographer beyond the camera and into the world of post-production. Get the most out of your photos, keep your work organised and build on your photography skills with this fun and practical photo editing course!

Learning outcomes

By the end of this Adobe Lightroom course, you should be able to:

  • understand file types, computer speeds and the general functionality of image editing using a computer
  • understand the functions of Lightroom to manipulate colour, brightness, contrast and other changes that constitute photo editing
  • understand the management features of Adobe Lightroom for viewing, processing and archiving their images correctly
  • understand the differences between the many file export options available for sharing

What will be covered in this Adobe Lightroom course?

Files & set-up

  • Setting up your hard drive, cloud service or local drive for editing
  • Optimal computer assets, how your computer can be optimised for photo editing
  • Understand file types, sizes and the computer's directory

Introduction to Lightroom

  • Lightroom’s library module
  • Importing and exporting image files and folders
  • How to view your photos as thumbnails, single images, and fullscreen
  • Understanding the global image processing
  • Navigating the workspace
  • The essential Lightroom tools and shortcuts
  • Understanding the Lightroom catalogue
  • Assigning attributes to your photos
  • Filtering your photos


  • Using the global and local adjustment tools
  • Understanding the histogram
  • Black and White/Colour treatment and conversions
  • How and when to use targeted adjustments
  • Cropping an image
  • Making white-balance changes to images
  • Understanding exposure corrections
  • Manipulate image saturation
  • Sharpening and image
  • Understanding spot removal

Exporting and file management

  • Recovery processes for photos
  • How to export RAW files
  • How to export JPEG and other formats
  • Understanding batch exports
  • Archiving and backing up files

Who is this Adobe Lightroom course for?

This Adobe Lightroom course is for Photographers looking to add a post-production skillset to their work. This Lightroom course is aimed at beginner photo editors, no prior experience in photography or Adobe software is necessarily required however a basic computer literacy is assumed. This course is aimed at those looking to improve their skills for personal use and those looking to improve their skill set for their career.

Please note: Adobe Lightroom also has a cloud-based sharing program that is designed to share files between your devices - your computer, tablet and smartphone. The cloud-based version is not covered in this Lightroom course.

What to bring to class

  • This is a bring your own device class. You will need a laptop with Adobe Lightroom Classic installed (not Adobe Lightroom Cloud) prior to attending the first class session
  • SD card for transferring your camera images
  • Notepad and paper or a tablet
  • A USB for taking home final work and/or course notes & files

Additional information

This Adobe Lightroom course runs in our computer lab, fitted with 27-inch Apple iMac systems as well as Dell computers running the Windows operating system, both types of computers have the latest Adobe apps installed. Adobe products function the same on both Windows and Macintosh computers except for minor differences with keyboard usage and where files are located within the computer.

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This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join waitlist for Adobe Lightroom for Beginners: Photo Editing Course

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join waitlist for Adobe Lightroom for Beginners: Photo Editing Course

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Course testimonials:

  • said: Rick did a good job introducing this software in the time available. I would have liked more practice using the software in class, but other than that everything was great.

  • said: It was a basic class but i learnt a lot. I felt 5 weeks are not enough. I could not sleep well during the course as I enjoyed editing at home after each class. Thank you !

  • said: The tutor was very approachable and made the course even more enjoyable. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and explains everything clearly.

  • said: I felt I gained a much better understanding of Lightroom. the tutor is a patient teacher with a warm, friendly style. I found that we covered a lot of info. overall good experience.

  • said: An excellent course. Just what I hoped it would be. Richard was a good tutor, clear and patient. I was sad to have to miss the last lecture.

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